Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hooligans, I shake my head.....

I read the news article ( “Thousands protest against Israeli aggression” NST, 29th Jul 2006. By Arman Ahmad) on the local newspaper today, sad to note that, increasingly, Malaysians has resorted to bringing to the streets their ill-mannered hooliganisms and mobbing mentalities. Disturbingly they are indeed very proud to show to the world their pea brains intelligence demonstrating on the street shouting naive slogans and waving fists in the air. Perhaps Biadabism is more appropriate terminology to relate to these demonstrators’ ignorances and shallow mindedness.

I sincerely doubt this demonstrator have the intellectual capabilities to understand the sophistication of the middle east problems. A small group of blinded Malaysians with limited understandings trying to show the world their stupidity in taking side that indirectly perpetuating violences in Middle East.

Without sugar, my coffee does indeed taste very bitter ! Who should I blame ?

The truth of the matter is, there are 26 millions Malaysians. A few hundreds ( maybe a few thousands ) of ill mannered hooligans leaded by political desperado demonstrating on the street with the intention of inciting hatreds is not a true reflections of Malaysians' feeling on the issues. The majority of silent Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, condemned these kurang ajar hooligans mobs' mentality. Malaysia of all races blamed this group of street hooligans for inciting and instigating further hatreds and violences around the world.

With regards to the middle east conflicts, I doubt these demonstrators have the moral standings and righteousness to showcase their disproportionately biased and inappropriate opinions ? Majority of Malaysians have refrained from taking side because we are in no position to understand the intricate issues involved in that land of the perpetual warfares. What we do not understand, we should not comment and be opinionated inappropriately. These hooligans' glaringly biased attempts to take side and instigating hatred of masses against another side purely on the basis of personal biases or misguided understandings is completely not appreciated by peace loving Malaysians. The violences in Middle East is not a conflicts of religion issues. It has been an issue of war mongering by unreasonable and perverted people using innocent people as human shields seeking to destroy each others.

I am indeed very surprised that, there are misguided souls in Malaysia, perhaps with immoral intentions, seeking to capitalize on this issue to seek greater personal publicities. I am also equally surprised that, there are actually stupidized and moronized pea-brains willing to be influenced into misplaced angers to cheer on the conflicting parties, thus indirectly encouraging and instigating more violences and genocide against humanity.

Majority of Malaysians condemned these pseudo-educated hooligans hijacking the true feelings of Malaysian to conduct despicable demonstrations on the streets of Malaysia and making inappropriate emotional statements of support. A cultured and civilized nation do not resort to street mobbing to sensationalize unacceptable and biased emotional expressions. Moreover, what happened in Middle East is none of our concerns. Please have the basic decency to let the people in Middle East to resolve their own family problems. What we should do in Malaysia is to manage our own conducts appropriately !

It has been more than a month that I am not even able to buy 1 Kg of sugar. It is getting very ridiculous to go on drinking my cup of coffee without sugar. Of course it is bitter ! Looking at the published pictures of these "nothing better to do" lunatics on the street makes me shake my head with sadness.

Put your palm on the right side of your chest, feel your heartbeats, and truthfully ask yourself the question "Who started the conflict first ?". " Is it morally right for instigator and aggressor of violences to cry wolf and unashamedly claimed to be a victim ?" Read all side of the news from various international sources, and understand it objectively rather be blinded by emotionality. Please do not be mislead by biased media and misguided politicians to influence you into irrationalities. Innocent lives are murdered in other part of the world because of your stupidity in taking sides and in propagating immoral publicities for evil doers.

Aren't we got better things to do than going around seeking worldwide attention of our ill manners by burning other countries' flag and shouting like a bunch of monkeys on the streets. What kind of self respect do we have as a nation ? Mobs rules ? hooliganism reigns supreme ? Malaysia bolih in Biadabism ? Political acceptance of moral gangsterisms and hooliganisms ?

If you are a cultured people. If you are a civilized nation. If you are sincere in wanting to promote peace. If you love humanity. If you believe in God. Please offer quiet prayers for blessing, peace, and love to generate more positive energies for world peace. Mobbing and demonstrating on the streets are basically part of barbaric cultures adopted by forked tongues pari that serve only to generate more negative energies that encourage violences.

Sincerely, in running in masses on the street, where is your impartialities ? What is your ulterior motives in demonstrating on the streets ? Seeking popularity ? Seeking publicities ? Seeking awareness of your stupidity ? Seeking more violences ? or perhaps seeking new avenues to conduct emotional acceptance ?

May my big fat laughing Buddha radiates grace, love, and compassion to Humanity. Om Mani padme hom. Om namo Amithaba Buddha.

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