Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hungry Ghosts Festival

The traditional Chinese Taoist's Halloween (中元節 - Chung Yuan, 盂蘭- Yulan, or "Por Tor") rituals is conducted annually on the 7th lunar month of the Lunar Calender. The 7th Lunar month is also known as Ghost Month ( 鬼月 ). This year "Por Tor" rituals starts on 25 July 2006 and peaks at eve of 8th August 2006. On the 25th July 2006, the gate of hell is open, and the wandering spirits and ghosts are allowed to roam on earth to cerebrate, revelring, feastings or whatever you called it. On the eve of 8th August, 2006, all spirits and ghosts are recalled back to hades and the gate of hell is officially closed until the next year.

During this period of ghostly month, it is a custom for Taoist to conduct prayers and offerings of foods, luxuries, and Hell's money in front of the house, business venues, temples, and special common area set by the local Chinese community to appease the wandering spirits, souls, and ghosts. In certain Chinese community's designated area for prayers, outdoor concerts and performances ( Kor Tai ) ranging from modern music to traditional Chinese opera are held to keep the "hungry ghosts" happy and entertained. During this period, BE WARNED !! it is dangerous to stay out from home after sunset to prevent your humanly energies crossing paths with the yin energies of the hungry ghosts. Don't laugh at my superstitiousness.... I heard enough of spooooooooky tales of encounters during this period of ghostly month. What you can't see can destroy you ! And one thing for sure, you should never mess around with the underworld !!!

Having said that, a piece of advise, DO NOT shift house, relocate office, doing renovations, change job, or having any form of celebrations during the 7th Lunar month. Going against this advise may caused you to have significant bad lucks and ill health for the rest of your life...

For this year, in addition to offer prayers to the "hungry ghosts", I would like to suggest all Taoists also burn some "pak kum" and "hell's money" to all those shallow minded racists, inferiority complexed hooligans, cultural morons, instigator of violences, and one track mind religious fanatics ! To me, these pokais are all hungry ghosts, hantus, "siu yen", and wandering spirits that needed to be given one way ticket to hell and and hopefully, the gate of hade shall never be reopened again for their misguided souls to roam on earth again.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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