Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rob Bin Hood

It pains me to read about so many cases of snatch thieves employing rob and run tactics on defenseless pedestrians in Malaysia. Mind you, these snatch thieves are a bunch of barbaric bastardized animals roaming around the streets preying and violently attacking their victims. My wife was snatched and robbed twice. In both instances, she lost her hand bags but escaped unhurt, but in a lot of cases, most of the victims are not so lucky. Some died, some suffered serious injuries, and some are permanently disabled ! Few days ago, I was really saddened to hear another serious injury caused by snatch thieves. This time, the misfortune fell on a family member of my close friend.

When we read about snatch thieves in the newspaper, to many of us, they are merely statistics in our ever increasing crime index. But when it happened to ourselves, our loved ones, and friends, these incidences became painful experiences that drained us emotionally and physically. Are our police so incompetent and impotent to deal with this despicable social menaces ? Sometimes, watching the short video clips aired in the Astro channel where the police officer advising the audiences to be alert for crimes does give me an impression that the streets in Malaysia are no longer safe !

Perhaps, it is about time the authorities empowered themselves with the political will to introduce death penalty for snatch thieves. Let us clinically put these scourges, bastards, and mother farkers to sleep and send them hell. Of course, as a religious man, I do believe that life is sacred, and nobody except God has the power to take life. But, how do you deal with these despicable satanic followers who show no regard for the law, no conscience, have not respect for the sacredness of the lives of others, and blatantly getting more daring ? Judging from the rampant cases of snatch and rob cases, I believe, our police force have become ineffective to deal with these menaces. The situation has already gone out of control ! Let us face the fact, our streets are no longer safe for pedestrians !

Let us not plunged our heads in the sands and blindly point our finders to foreigners. Most of the foreigners in Malaysia are hardworking people and law abiding. I believed, most of the snatch thieves are our local youths. My dear preacher man, rather than spending your times looking for reasons not to subsidize petroleum prices in Malaysia, please get your priority right and also help the police department to get their priority right also, to make the streets in Malaysia safer. Do we need another death before we take drastic action ? Remember, the next victim could be you or your family members !

Snatch thieves, they rob, they injure, and they murder innocent and defenseless people. Their mothers must be very proud of them ! Their mothers must be very proud of them ! Adakah ini Budaya Kita ?

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