Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reformasi Revisited ?

I spilled my coffee this morning ! What a shocking revelation. First, about a week ago, we have a Statutory Declaration filed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin claiming that the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister was directly involved in using C4 to murder a young Mongolian woman. Now, an accuser file a police report accusing Anwar Ibrahim of sodomizing him. Police said the accuser is now warded in an unknown hospital for treatment.

If I recalled it correctly, 10 years ago, Anwar Ibrahim was the Prime Minister-in-waiting, his rising political career was cut short, because he was accused, arrested, convicted, and jailed on sodomy charges. Today, Anwar Ibrahim was again accused of sodomy.

Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat is the government in waiting. Pakatan Rakyat has claimed that they can formed the next government by September 2008. But looks like Anwar Ibrahim fight to claim Premiership of Malaysia is jinxed again. Will his rebrned political career going to be cut short again by this new sodomy accusation ? As a layman, to me, this does sound like a desperate attempt by whoever that is out there to short circuit Anwar Ibrahim's political career. If indeed there is an attempt to sabotage Anwar Ibrahim, then, on our bended knee, let's all pray to God to bless Malaysia. The politics and politicking in Malaysia are getting very arrogantly decadence. The faked preacher man, the son of the man who engineered May 13 riots, and Mamak Mugabe are you there ? Indeed, Malaysia do have a class of Bangsat-wan lurking in all the dark corners. To all these Bangsatwan, Satu Bangsat, Satu Neraka. Clap, clap, clap...... Welcome to the HELL !

10 years ago, Internet accessibility is virtually none in Malaysia. The MSM impressed Malaysians with mattress with huge sperm marks being carried in and out of the court house. Malaysians have no choice but to rely on the MSM to print the gospel truth. But now, Internet is available to almost every office and household, as a result, independent and unbiased news and information are readily available. So, Malaysians will not be as gullible and as stupid compared to 10 years ago. I for one, find it difficult to believe in desperately cooked up pathetic plot. However, I do believed, it is always easier for old dogs to perform simple old tricks repeatedly for instant self gratifications. Boo boo, ssssssit. Good Dog...

They said, all road lead to Rome, but in this case, it seemed to me that all evidences seemed fabricated, and seemed to be from certain desperadoes trying desperately to extend their illegitimate hold on greed and craze for power to continue their shameless and immoral existences.... Well, politics made desperate morons do desperate things.

According to, the accuser is Saiful Bukhari Azlan ( see attached picture ). Oh My God, I do sincerely hope the police report filed by this young man is merely an act of deluded fantasy, and I also sincerely hope this young man is not paid or induced by desperate men to file false police report.

I was told that, on July 6th 2008, there will be a very massive demonstration of ONE MILION people in Petaling Jaya against the recent fuel price hike. I hope this event will not turned into a massive confrontation between DSAI supporters and the police forces. Let us hope that no blood are shed on the streets, and the event will not be hijacked by desperate idiots and morons to stage political maneuvering that causes further hardships to Malaysians.

In the land of the incompetent, corrupt, shameless, and immoral souls, politics is indeed very interesting, guttering, and entertaining. I do hope, when the curtain is finally drawn, hell awaits those sinful bastards and mother fuckers. Yeah, go ahead, put up a loud speaker to shout your insincere prayers to your God for salvation.

Al Gore once said in Malaysia “The brave people of reformasi... we hear you..... !”

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