Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disgusting atrocities against women around the world

It is sad to read about terrible atrocities being committed against so many women and young girls in various parts of the world. These women and young girls suffered in silence and in fear because these barbaric crimes are justified using the name of religions and local cultures. The vctims will never have fair justice on their sides because the rules are set and dictate by the men cultured in barbarism with disgusting satanic mentality. The following is a list of common atrocities suffered by women in various part of the world :

  • Honor Killing
  • Bride burning
  • Acid attacks
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Ritual servitude

Read further at The List Universe.

Well, what can I say, some retarded mothers do have retarded men walking among us to seek recognition for their stupid and barbaric rights to commit barbaric crimes. In this times of modernity, we still have barbarians enjoying the perverted pleasure of inflicting pains and sufferings on defenseless women. In the name of stupid and over glorified religions and cultures, what stupidity and insanity are men incapable of ?

To all those morons who demand sensitivity and respect for their religious and cultural rights to practice these forms of satanic cruelty, please go live in the caves and co-habitate with wild animals of their choices.

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