Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of con man and charity............

I received a call this morning from a man who identified himself as Datuk Steven Kong. He told me that he is representing the Kesatuan Pegawai Kebajikan Masyarakat ( Association for Social Welfare Officers ) to collect donation to buy diapers for old folks. He asked me to donate 300 diapers at a costs of RM 38 each.

During the course of our short telephone conversation, he tried to impress upon me that, I should feel honour to me selected to donate to the charitable association represented by him. He mentioned that this association is participated by many VIP and high net worth people. Nice sales pitch indeed !

Without wanting to waste my time talking to people which I can not verify over the phone, I asked him to fax over his charity program to my office. The surprising thing is, he has all my hand phone, office phone, and my email address. Scary isn't it. ?

One hour later, a fax came through my personal fax machine ( see the following attached picture). The fax is in Malay language, I read the fax, it basically states that, the “charity association” is seeking advertisements to print their souvenir program. But the fax doesn't mention anything about donating diapers for senior citizens !

I immediately Google “Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat” to obtain the telephone number, and called the department to seek clarifications. I was told by department that there is no such charity organization and they have no knowledge of such charity event.

Sad. Another con man posing as charity officer to collect donation to enrich himself ! Malaysian do indeed have a lot of shameless and immoral people living like vultures and parasites in the name of charity.

They funny thing is, the so called Datuk call me again, saying that he has to attend an EXCO meeting and need my pledge for donation now. I don't know what EXCO he is referring to. Maybe I hear it wrongly, perhaps he is referring to ASSHOLES meeting.

I politely told him that “The winds is east coasts is quite strong, maybe you should go there...” He asked me “What has this donation got to do with strong winds in east coast ?” I told him “Well, you can go there to FLY KITES !” and put down the phone. Niahmah.....

I guess, no matter how charitable we are, we have to be always vigilant and verify the identity of strangers asking for money in the name of charity. Otherwise, these idiots will find their ways to wormed themselves into the our kind hears. We may end up financing the despicable lifestyle of half-maggot half-man low life who prays on the generosity of charitable people.

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