Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Speechless in bolihland.........

Celcom has to abort its recent “Celcom 100 Hari 100 Kereta” SMS contest because the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim) said it is a form of gambling. Gambling is Haram in Islam. Personally, I do not support gambling activities, and I do not wish to comment on Jakim enforcing its moral authority on others. As an open minded person, I do wonder whether it is the right thing for JAKIM to meddle in commercial activities of business entities. Increasingly, religious fanatics are trying to use scare tactics to meddle with the secular administration of the government, now we are also beginning to see religion being used to influence business activities. What next ? Would our daily lives will also be dictated by the incompatible religious values of others ?

As far as I am concern, whether a business operations are in accordance to a particular religion's teaching is really none of our blardy business. If gambling is so immoral to these religiously righteous people, why are they practice double standards ? I can't understand why some religions are encouraging its followers to practise double standards and selective enforcement. Why are gamings, betting, and gambling companies such as Magnum, Pan Sweeps, Sport Toto, and Genting allowed to operate ?

Hypocrites are all the same in all the wrong places - shamelessly idiotics. Should we forever need to be sensitive to all these insensitive people ?

In the first place, all religious authorities, be it Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, or others should stay out of commercial activities and other people's lifestyles. Religious views should only be propagated and contained in places of worship. Out of self respect, religious authorities should know ehere they stand and leave the monitoring and enforcement of regulatory compliances of commercial activities to the relevant secular ministries.

Recently, the Selangor's PAS Youth ( PAS is an Islamic political party) submitted a memorandum to the Selangor Mentri Besar’s office and threatened to protest in the Selangor Cup football match between Selangor and Singapore. I guess PAS Youth has unilaterally interpret the decision by the organizer to have popular rock singer Ella and Mas Idayu perform before the start of the match as unIslamic. For heaven sake, these people should keep their religious interpretations to themselves and stay out of the entertainment and sports businesses.

In the March 2008 general elections, PAS together with other opposition parties has made tremendous success to deny the BN government two third majority. But I guess, PAS has carried their balls to far to think that all other multi-racial Malaysians must now kow-tow to their brand of religious interpretations. Sometimes, I do wonder, whether Malaysians have made a mistake to vote for stronger opposition in the parliament. It seemed to me now that, the BN government is more moderate as compared to all those desperadoes trying their level best to impose their own religious values on others. Can these people have some self respect and basic decency to respect the wishes and lifestyles of others ? Malaysia is a multi-racial country. Let us leave it at that and not attempt to change the status quo.

I intend no religious insensitivity to any group of people. I myself, is also a very religious person. However, my religion also indoctrinate me to be a rational person, and keep my religious belief private. To me, believing in the existence of God is also a form of gambling. After all, can anybody tell me how does God look like ? And, can anybody also tell me whether there is an existence of eternal paradise after one's earthly shelf life expired ? Sure, a lot of religions can promote a lot of wonderful stories of after – life that can not be verified. But one thing for sure, dead men and women tell no stories. Most of the religions never failed to preached the over glorified stories of God's promises. We were told, most likely we will only be able to redeem this sugar coated promises after we are dead. Amazingly unbelievable ? Well, some people believe in fact, some believe in methodology, and some believe in fantasies......

As much as I am a religious person, but I also have the civility and cultural upbringing not to impose my belief on others. As long as I keep my religious belief to myself, do not transgress on other, never resort to indoctrinate others, and refrained from discriminate others, I know I am on the right track of living on paradise on this earth. In life, educated, learned, and cultured people balance their daily lives between secular living and religious commitments. Only barbarians with pea brains resort to go around glorifying and imposing their narrow minded stupidity on others with the hope of scoring credit points from their Gods.

Again, my basic belief is, religious views and practices should be contained in places of worships and homes. Beyond these two places, any attempt to disseminate and to impose own religious values on others should be viewed as a form of pervertism and uncultured extremism. I have this to say to all these misguided people – yah, yah,.... please mind your own business.

I do sincerely hope all those people who claimed to have high moral and religious values can practise what they preached, and refrained from farting their religious righteousness in all the wrong places. The world will be a very peaceful and harmonious place if all these idiots can go home or to the places of worships to preach their religious values to their own kinds.

Namo Amithaba Buddha ( or my late mom used to recite it as Oh-me-tor-hoot......)

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