Friday, June 20, 2008

Beautiful women.......

According to, the cities with the most beautiful women are all located in “Christian” Countries. The top ten cities are listed below. Mind you, the beautiful women in these cities are not only beautiful, but also super friendly, and extremely educated. Beauties with brains ! Wow, what a nirvana. Heaven is indeed on earth with all those bouncing, curvacious, and long legged temptress roaming on the streets. All they need to do is to wet their lips and blowing sweet flying kisses, the world will come tumbling down at their mercy.

To die for ? I guess my last words will be “Oh my God, oh nooooo.... oh yessssssss...... OOOoooooo.... o Godddddddd.......” ! A soul sexually liberated is an enlightened soul ! Nirvana, here I cum....

Here goes the world top ten cities with the most beautiful women :

  1. Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. Varna, Bulgaria
  5. Los Angeles, California
  6. Moscow , Russia
  7. Caracas, Venezuela
  8. Montreal, Canada
  9. Tel Aviv, Israel
  10. Amsterdam, Holland

Please visit HERE for descriptives of why these cities are chosen as TOP TEN.

Indeed, from the streets of Stockholm to the shores of Holland, this world is full of beautiful women in so many beautiful cities. Sometimes, I do wonder why there are still people out there wanting to commit suicides and mass murders in the name of their God with the hope of getting virgins in heaven. Why are these religiously inclined people so hard-up for virgins ? What makes these sexually disillusioned people think that born losers and sexual rejects on earth can become holy Casanova after they are dead ?

There are lots of beautiful virgins and non virgins already on earth in all those beautiful cities. If virgins are what those deluded people fantasized, probably it is easier to just make a reservations with the travel agents for necessary travel arrangement to fly to these beautiful cities. It is safe, civilized, no lives are killed, and definitely no unnecessary collateral damages. If luck is on their sides and the chemistry is right, they can even have earthly sex with these beautiful women. Believe me, it is not sinful to have sex. Let's not have double standard of morality between heaven and earth. If sex is a sin on earth, what makes them think that it is not a sin to have sex in heaven with all those promised virgins ? Forget about all those unattainable righteous religious teachings. Rest assure that we are all products of sexual conjugations. Therefore, living a sexually decadent life is not sinful. So, go ahead to shoot your wild seeds and propagate.......... it is better than perverted self denials and indiscriminate killings of innocent people.

Ahhhhh... my Buddhist teaching is, attachment to desires is sufferings. Likewise, the attachment to non-attachment to desires is also another form of suffering. Forgive me Buddha, for this weekend, I will let my basic instinct rule my head. I am going on a hunting trip for beautiful women. Wow ! Si pek tor liap..... Si pek song..... Yet Yat fool Chei Pak yee mun.... Lai lar, lai lar........ O mi tor hoot !!!!

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