Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It pays to be a smoker......

To help smokers kick the habit, a pilot initiative between public health organizations, municipal authorities and the Scottish government offering 12.50 pounds per week to smokers to quit will be rolled out in Dundee, north of Edinburgh. Read further at Scottish smokers to be paid to quit.

I guess, 12.5 pounds is approximately RM 70. Wow, if this scheme is introduce in Malaysia, I will probably be richer by RM300 per month. And one thing for sure, being Malaysians, there will be a lot of people registering themselves as smokers to qualify for the scheme.

How come our super duper carpet beggars never thought of this initiative to help Malaysians kick the habit and in the process save billions of ringgits in health care costs for the government, and also enrich themselves with millions of ringgits ?

This is another opportunity for the BN government to rid Malaysians of subsidies mentality, maybe the Ministry of Health should cook up some fairy believable reasons for raising health care costs for the smokers. And, In return, offer monthly “rebates” or “allowances” to all those “registered” smokers. Maybe the government can also rope in our super efficient Pos Malaysia to do the disbursement nationwide. Of course to compensate POS Malaysia for the transaction and administrative expenses, similar to the recent Petrol Rebates, the government can always pay POS Malaysia RM 60 per smoker per year. Assuming 20% of the populations are smokers, there will be approximately 5.2 millions smokers in the country. That will probably work out to RM 312 millions revenues annually for POS Malaysia. So, to all those well connected people, do you smell the opportunities yet ? There are lots of money to be made, you know.

The funny thing is, I am not surprise at all, if the shareholders of POS Malaysia and the Ministry Of Health are probably already working on scheming a scheme. In Malaysia, what else is not possible ? Not wanting to be sarcastic, but honestly, I do think Malaysia is a land of opportunities if you have the technical know-who.

Paying smokers to quit smoking ? How about paying drug addicts to quit drugs ? How about paying alcoholics to quit drinkings ? How about paying prostitutes quit prostitution ? How about............ I shake my head.

Preacher Man, you there ?

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