Thursday, December 22, 2011

FLASHBACK and Resolution for 2012. (By Irene on 21/ 12/ 2011)

Time flies and it is just round the corner of 2011. Looking back, 2011 has been a good year for me. I managed to go through the difficult period mourning of CK for another year. But I was lucky to receive care , love and support from everyone. Loosing him and letting go is really a challenging period for me to walk through . When CK was around, we wow to grow old gracefully . I remembered the time that we held hands, walked in the park, enjoyed listening to the bird singing in the garden, having his cup of coffee kau kau after his nasi lemak for breakfast. We had so much to talk - from business, politics, family matters, his philosophy of life, his computer knowledge, his jokes and so on. In short, he is also my mentor apart from my dad. At times, I was snapped. I always reminded myself that whatever it is I have to accept that C. K. is no longer living in this world. He has left us for more than a year. All I can ask is to cherish the good memories that we both had for each other. Christmas is coming soon and it is also Ivan 's birthday. CK used to tell me that we must buy some gift for Ivan. The last Christmas, we did not celebrate Ivan's birthday due to ck's health. I told Ck that your love for him all these years is the greatest gift that he would ever ask for. Last nite, I asked Ivan to go to his dad's grave with me this coming Christmas. He just keep silence for a while. From his expression, I knew that deep down, Ivan still love his dad very very .....much. Sometime, I guess only people who knew how to give love would understand me better. If you don't , just don't bother.
For 2012 - My 1st resolution - To live a happy life and spend as much time with family members, relatives and friends. The unconditional love and support from my dad, mum, brothers, sister in laws, sisters, brothers in laws, nieces , nephews, friends and relatives after all these years and days has given me the strength to move on.
Resolution 2 for 2012. To seek God's help to grant me the opportunity to help the needy, poor, to spend time with them i(f possible) . Vivian, I wish and pray for miracle for Nathan. I have the above wish list for last year but still yet to achieve. I guess sometime it might not be just only the $$$$$ . Having the time and moral support would be something good to start with. God , let me be your children to fulfill the obligation.
Last but not least, a good start for 2012. I am here to wish everyone :
GOOD health, Harmony, love the earth for the next generation to live in a better world .
Peace Love and Happy 2012.
Aha aha aha aha..... have a peaceful feeling from within.

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