Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is there any affordable Homes in K. L. or P. J. for the young professionals with an earnings of RM5,000.00 ( the ave single income group in P. J ?

Interviewed Mr. Lee conducted on 15/ 12/11.
Mr. Lee 's profile - a young professional working in an IT firm for the last 5 years. Age : 26. Current drawing salary of RM 5,000.00 per month.
What kind of property can he buy in K. L., P. J. or Selangor . The following are some of the property prices in P. J and K. L. compiled recently :
2s link house ( less than 10 years ) in Bandar Utama 11: RM 450,000 - 500,000.00 (about 10 years ago) and current asking price at RM1,000,000.00 (with a bit of renovation) ;
SS2 2s link house (poor design and condition) : Asking price at RM300,000/= ( 2003/ 2004) and current asking price at RM600,00.00 . Buyer will have to fork out refurbish cost at around RM 200,000.00 depending on how extensive the owner want to spent for the renovation;
2s link house in Tmn Tun current asking price is around RM950,000 ( very old design). Price is expensive due to its location;
DESA Park City ( most sought after property in K. L. ) Price from 600,000 in 1995/ 96 to the current asking price of RM1,200,00.00;
How can Mr. Lee buy at RM1,2000.00 .00 To work out the installment based on 90% loan of RM1,200,000.00 is xxxxxxxxxxx Definitely, the bank will not extent the loan to him with the above income.
With his current income and if he still want to stay in K. L. what are his options ?

Should he just continue paying the rental of RM1500.00 in Bandar Utama for the rest of his life. Or should he wait until next year 2012 too see whether the property prices in Bandar Utama would come down to its original price 10 years ago at RM300,000.00 plus. With the rising cost of building material and land prices each year . The scenario will never happen. Definitely , Mr. Lee and a lot of other professionals will have to look elsewhere . What property can Mr. Lee afford to buy ? Based on 90% loan of RM300,000 .00 for 15 years, his monthly installment would be R1500.00. His income level would have to be RM4500.00 or so.
Why not consider Teak, Lang Valley Homes ( Next to Nature) as second home in Ipoh ?
Selling price : RM268,000.00 onwards for ( 20' x 70' ) with bigger built up areas of 1800 sq. ft. high ceiling, renovated double length car parks etc..
What else can Teak, Lang Valley Homes offers - contemporary design, gated and guarded, DIBS, Freehold, next to GUNUNG LANG RECREATION etc - . For better understanding , drop in and visit Teak , SHOWHOME or Lang Valley fan page. Seeing is believing.
Fact File of Lang Valley :
Located next to NSE , accessible to the major cities such as K. L. P. J. Penang and all the smaller towns. To be exact, in the intersection of Jalan Kuala kangsar with a driving time of about 10 minutes to Ipoh city center.

The current trend of the working class prefer to work in K. L. on the week days and stay in Ipoh on the weekends. They can take the ETS , relax or read some magazine in the train . The journey will take them around 2 hours to reach Ipoh Railway station .
Best of both world. To buy the property less than 1/4 the price ( compare to the 2s linkhouse in Bandar Utama with the asking price at RM1, 0000, 000.00 ) and enjoy the city lifestyle in Lang Valley Home. With the savings or access money , you can consider buying a better car or a holiday for the family. Everyone will get to enjoy a better quality of Life. These will be what most young generation's wants : Quality living lifestyle in a less stressful environment.
How the unique concept of Lang Valley of promoting nature community living next to LANG VALLEY CITY come about?
Chairman of Gunung Lang Development S/B, Pak Yap and Mr. Shin inspired the concept of Lang Valley. Subsequently, they have appointed Varitus, a well known and reputable architect in K. L. to map out the Master plan of LANG VALLEY - (70 over acres of land for LANG VALLEY CITY and the balance of about 180 acres of land for LANG VALLEY HOMES. When completed, it will provide 2000 homes within the next 10 years ( 2023) .
In 2012, we will have a number of interesting projects in the pipeline. For enquiry, please feel free to contact Nineten Properties ( Exclusive Marketing Agency) at 012 5123345( Jacy) / 014 344 2974 ( Chun Lee), 012 3087663 ( Mr. Nicky - the lang chai). We will have our dynamic and professional marketing team to talk and serve you better.
If you are buying it for rental investment, our team of negotiators will rent out your property. Grab this opportunity and be Mr. Lee's neighbor in Lang Valley Home. To be continue...

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