Monday, December 12, 2011

FILIAL - TO OUR BELOVED PARENTS ( By Ms Irene Poh 12/12/11.)

Somehow, " filial" the word has always been in my mind. When I was young, we were taught during our early school days the important moral value is to pay respect and to take care of our parents when they are old and handicapped.
During my early childhood, I can always remember how my mum take care of my dad, our brothers and sisters , grandmothers and granfathers and the list goes on. When she woke up early in the am, she will have a long list of responsibility such as making breakfast for everyone. After that, she has to see to the house chores, cook for my dad's workers in the rice wholesale business. At the same time, she also prepare afternoon meal and dinners for all of us. Woo! by the time she called it a day would be very late at nite. Where she can find time to go shopping for herself or go spa... holidays like what the modern family do nowadays. The kind of sacrifices and hardship that she go through is really a rough journey . Does she has a choice? If she is lucky then she would not get scolding from her in laws. During my mother's time, we heard a lot of scary story about mother in law. To play the role of a daughter in law is very very challenging. Things goes wrong when her mother in law listen to all the pat poh . But whatever it is, she really need the support of her husband. If not, she has to swallow everything and no one defend her. She has no say and work like a slave to everyone. I am sure although my mum did not complained much but I knew she has done so much for the family . I must say that everyone in the family including my dad - we are really lucky and proud of her. Sometime when I went back to see her, she used to tell me that " to tai poh food or whatever to bring to K. L. . Although we told her no but still..... At the back of my mind, I just want to tell you mum - you have been doing so much for us all these years. It is our time as children to share and give. We will take care of you no matter whatever situation coz ..... the love that you have given to everyone one of us. Let us take care of you, comfort you .... and live your life happily would be our main responsibility as your beloved children. .....
My dad- Looking at the picture with the smile ........ it tells a story of him. He has been our father for ages. I guess at times, he is very tire and has no choice but to go on. I would say he is a very giving, generous , kind and also very strict to everyone in the family. He has ruled 10 of us as a commander in chief, hahaha. Better you bulk up otherwise ....He has taught me about discipline, to respect, to give in order to take, He has play the role as a provider to his immediate family, his brother, sisters and of course his parents. The heavy burden that he took on is really stressful and at times he told me that he cannot sleep. The business battlefield that he is facing is really risky, competitive and challenging too. That's why he looked worried. It sharply point out that parents are getting older and older each day. The life journey is just like a flower in the garden . It looks beautiful when it is full bloom. Before the flower is withers or before it is too late we as children will have to take action and start to appreciate the parents that has raise us up in the best possible way.
The most important message brought up is to be FILIAL to our beloved parents.
Mum and Dad - Let us hug and say "We all love you very very much and we want you to live happy and healthy for the rest of your days" - Thank you .

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