Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am staring at death (3) ..................

Wednesday, September 24th 2008.

I went for the appointment to see the doctor this morning. I was informed by the doctor that the pathological report is not ready yet because the sample collected from the liver has to be sent to another laboratory for second confirmation. The good news is, according to the doctor, the first lab indicated that the sample might not be cancerous. So, the cancer has not spread to the liver yet. However, the doctor advised me to wait for the result from the second laboratory.

I will have to go back to the hospital again tomorrow where the doctor can advise me the next course of action based on the pathological report. So, another anxious day ahead.

According to the Surgeon, if the pathological report came up negative, the best course of action is to go for surgical procedure to remove the tumor. The only problem is, based on the observation from the previous laproscope, the tumor sit on the main blood vessel, it might be difficult to remove the tumor. According to the doctor, there is only a 50: 50 chance of success. Honestly, I think it is not worth the while to take the risk of surgical procedure when the success rate is merely 50%. Moreover, the surgical procedure is a complicated one involving 8 to 10 hours of operations, and probably going to cost about RM 40K. When the doctor is not confident of the success rate, why should I take the risk ?

Tomorrow.... and today is going to be another logest day..............................


Anonymous said...

For pancreatic cancer, most of the time it is non operable as the tumour will most likely intertwined with the blood vessels, and the doctor will do palliative operations upon you, namely the whipple procedure....and they ultimately declare albeit quietly...your times are up. They play god and forego your recuperation through the alternative method.

So make sure they do not do this on you . Operate only if the tumour can be removed in total, otherwise do not bother.

KS Cheah said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your rather ominous comment. Somehow I know you are only being sincere with your frank and informed feedback.

My very good buddy CK is a very capable and resolute man, and even under these very trying times, he remains rationally stoic. He is considering options available though he fully realizes hard decisions have to be made urgently.

From your obvious knowledge about the matter at hand, it would be highly appreciated if you could oblige by also sharing any information you may have on alternative treatments. Thanks you.



Anonymous said...


It was promoted as a cancer cure by Ernst T. Krebs under the name "Vitamin B17"

KS Cheah said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your interesting feedback. I checked the internet but it just does not show sufficient conclusive information about Vitamin B17. Is it available in Malaysia? How is it administered? I am not sure but it is not just about consuming Vitamin B17...or is it? Thanks.


drama_king said...

hi guy..
just wanted to let you know that apart from your family and friends around you, you have total strangers like me and the others that read your posts praying for you. god bless you..