Monday, December 22, 2008

Round Five : I kept my faith...

On December 20th 2008, I launched my book, “Conversations With CK”, at my house. I am quite happy tht my friends and relatives turned up to support my efforts to collects donations for Rumah Sharom. I was also equally surprised to see Datuk Seri Yuen Yat Ling, and some blogger fans turned up at the book launch. All in all, more than 200 books were sold from 10:00AM to 3:00PM. Not bad for an informal and low budget launch. However, I still have around 700 copies to move out before I can achieve my target of collecting RM20K for Rumah Sharom and RM 3K my my alma mater's scout movement. On the positive side, I received quite good reviews for the books. Whatever it is, If any of the readers of this blog, or your friends are interested to purchase copies of this book, please feel free to contact me at

"Autograph Session"

My 4th chemo was scheduled on December 22, 2008. Honestly, I really do not look forward to having this chemo session. I do felt very frustrating to have needle poked into my arm for blood test, and subsequently having the butterfly needle poked in to receive the cocktail of chemo drugs intravenously. Well, I guess I just have to put up a brave front, and go ahead with the scheduled treatment. So Round Five, I am on !

Due to the book launch on December 20th 2008, I missed my Saturday's attendance at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church. So, to make up for my absent, I attended the Sunday's morning service. TO prepare myself spiritually for this coming round of chemical warfare, the good pastor at the DUMC church paryed for me to have a smooth chemo session and speedy recover.

Today, my wife drive me to Tung Shing hospital for my treatment. As usual, I had my blood test to determine whether I am medically fit to receive the chemo treatment. So far so good, the good doctor also did a physical examination on my tumors. He mentioned to me that, the indicators from the blood test are within the expected range, and my tumor seemed to be softened and reduced in size. The chemotherapy today took more than 2 hours to be completed, but overall, it went smoothly without major difficulty. After the chemo, I was checked into the ward for resting, and the usual tests. By the way, my blood pressure is still maintained at 130/80, and I gained another KG in wieght. I am now 80KG in weight. So medically and physically speaking, I am well on schedule to recovery of my health.

Well, “I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. [2 Timothy 4:7]” Oh mighty God, am I entitled to claimed victory for Round 4 ?

As usual, after my 4th chemotherapy today, I encountered the usual side effects of having a numbed arm, felt dizzy, nauseated, chest pains, and lost of appetite. But this tme around, it is not as bad as my experiences in the 3rd chemoterapy. Perhaps, previous experiences made better prepared for the negative side effects. I presumed and expect the next few days will be tough for me to cope. But whatever it is, I will try my best to control my moods, try my best to adapt, stay positive, be cheerful, and take ONE Day At Time. Maybe, to make thing better for tomorrow, I will “Take no thought for tomorrow; for tomorrow shall take thought for the things of itself. [Matthew 6:34]” And I know, as long as I have faith in the almighty God, he will make a way for me to overcome all uncertainties and difficulties.

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