Monday, December 01, 2008

Round Four : Here I come……

I was at the Tung Shin Hospital at 8:30AM today ( December 1st 2008) for my scheduled treatment. The objectives of today visit are :

• Blood Test to gauge my performance over the previous 6 weeks, and
• To received my 3rd Chemo therapy.

I did my blood test at 9:00AM. Despite all the side effects after my second chemo treatment, the result of the blood test showed very encouraging results. Firstly, all my blood cells counts are within the normal ranges. And, most important of all, my cancer marker drop from the previous 6000 point to 3,700 point ! An improvement of approximately 40 %. The physical examination by the doctor also hinted that the growth of the tumor is control or reduced in size. This means I am responding to the prescribed chemo drugs. So, what does that mean? Well, I can safely declared that I did managed to kick quite substantial butts of those cancer cells from my system, and in the process, I won ROUND THREE ! Lala lala lala……….

Sincerely, I would like to thank all my family members, friends, and Christian brothers & Sisters for their moral support, encouragements, and prayers. The Almighty is indeed mighty good to me. I praise my good lord Jesus Christ for being my Shepard to keep this misguided lamb under his protection.

So, Round Four, Here I come!

The Oncologist start my chemo drips at around 10:00Am and finished at 12:00 Noon. After that I was checked into the ward for rest and observation. The nurse measured my temperature – No fever detected, and temperature was normal. My blood pressure is within healthy measurement of 130 /80. On my weight, I actually gain 1 Kg over the previous measurement 3 weeks ago, I am now weighting at 78 Kg. So I am still physically very fit !

I check out from the ward at 6:30PM and managed to reach home at approximately 7:30PM. So, another day gone by. The next three weeks should be interesting for me coping with the unexpected, if there are any.

However, I do have an uneasy feeling that, the increasing numbers of chemotherapy is beginning to weaken my body. Within One hour after I completed my 3rd Chemo, I began to felt severe chest pain, according to the nurse, this side effect is probably due to “up-flush of gastric juice”. I don’t really know what it meant. But suffice to day, it is very uncomfortable. And my appetite is bad, I have problem eating the lunch and dinner provided by the hospital. As usual, I have to resort to fruits and the USANA liquid nutritional supplements to make sure my body is not unnecessarily stressed nutritional deficiencies.

So far, I have fought a good fight. And I do hope, I can maintain the stamina to manage my treatment regime effectively.

Overall, despite the good result from the hospital, but my body do felt very weak, and emotionally, I am negatively affected by the chest pains and other side effects that cropped out so fast unexpectedly. Whatever it is, over the next few days, I will find ways to minimize the unpleasant effects.

My Goddaughter, Dawn, who gave birth to a healthy baby boys two months ago, send me a few photos of my grandson. Isaac is such a cute and handsome baby. The photo cheered me up a lot. I hope I will have the opportunity to hold him in my arm soon…….

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Kit Ying said...

Dear CK
Admire your resilience and positive attitude. More so your growing faith in our Almighty God. Romans 6:28 " all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes". Do read the book of Romans Ch8 for encouragement.
My regards to Lily and Ivan, and I pray that God's favor be on you