Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009 ?

2008 is coming to an end. As usual, I received several SMSes on my hand phone, inviting me to attend gathering of sumptuous foods and free flow of alcohol.

I have no doubt that this get together session will probably end up as being another get drunk session. A session for a bunch of boys trapped in old men bodies trying to out compete each other on how much their bodies can withstand alcoholic abuses. With all due respect, I do wonder whether a person's manhood is a reflection of how much alcoholic abuses he can take.

It pain me to have the thought that there are many people living in poverty, no foods on the table, and many children goes to sleep with empty stomachs. Here, I was invited to attend a session of “sumptuous buffet” and free flow alcohol ! I do not wish to impose my opinion on others, forgive me, but I do have disliking to be associated with alcoholic drunkards. Thousand and one apologies for my oxymoronic righteousness. Why can't we just pool together the monies we are going to spend sinfully on liquors and donate it to charities such as orphanages and old folks homes ? If we are not in a charitable mood, for a start, is it very difficult for us to spend the times and monies on our family members ? Well, I guess it is not up to me to judge or be judged. After all, I do need to respect other people's rights for managing their priorities in life. How others want to live their lives are none of my business. I am after all, also a deluded soul searching for a purpose in life.

For those misguided souls who seemed to be very proud of their ability to be intoxicated. No offense intended, but here is my little observation :

An appeal to a drunkard......

When the streets are quiet,
and all has been asleep.
I am at my best,
at the pub.

The alcohols and the beers,
they are my true life companions.
I have no achievements in life,
with nonsense talks cheering me on,
I can out drank all those unhappy souls in the pub.
For a moment, my world is spinning non stop.
But, I really enjoy being “man” of the pub.
At least, in this crowded smoky arena of euphoric visions,
I have a sense of accomplishment !

In my life, I am always blessed.
There are always someone to care for my loved ones.
There are always excuses I can made.
There are always blames I can passed on.
The world is always at fault !
I am not responsible for what other felt about me.

Oh drunkard,
with hidden tears,
with choked throat, and with depleted emotions,
I beg you to sober up, look around you, and
look at the trails of emotional destructions you have caused.
Stop wasting your life, no body owes you a living,
be a real man,
be responsible,
and have the courage to face the real world.
Be fair to your loved ones !

With 2009 only a day away, Cheers ?

P/S I have no problem having a drink or two with social drinkers. Some social drinkers are industry leaders and men of repute, but not drunkards and irresponsible drunkards. Time and repeatedly, I had stated my intention very cleary not wanting to be associated with drunkards. Call me narrowminded or whatever you want, but is it so difficult to respect this rights of mine ? I do find it difficult to be involved with habitual drunkards. I respect the rights of others to intoxicate themselves, sincerely, I have no problem with them, but just don't get me involve. I do not monopolize misery or rights of others, but I do expect drunkards to respect my rights not wanting to be part of their misery and intoxications. A NO is a NO, is it offensive for me to assert this right of mine not to be associated with drunkards ?

By the way, we are all hypocrites ! We go around telling the whole world we respect freedom of expressions and opinions of others, but when opinions expressed by others are not compatible with ours, we felt offended, and looking for ways to glorify our own narrowmindedness. Wow ! my french cap is for those hypocrites to keep.......


KS Cheah said...

Hey bro. May 2009 be a better year for all of us!

I sent out that sms in good faith to many Tigers including non-imbibing muslims who have since confirmed attendance. There was no reference to a drinking session as you can see:

"Hi Tigers. Wishing you a better year ahead. A bunch of us are having a pre-CNY get-together at 7.30 pm, 17th January at Aliyaa, Jln Dungun. Tun Ling will attend. It will be a great start to the new year, not to mention the sumptious buffet spread that is being prepared by the establishment. Please confirm attendance by return sms or call me for more info. Tiger Cheah."

The proposed menu is as follows:
* Baked Sri Lankan Crabs.
* Savoury fried vegetable rice.(Elolu Bath)
* Devilled beef. (Mas Miris Temperadu)
* Hot Fish curry (Malu Curry)
* Chicken curry. (Kukulmas Curry)
* Beef Smore ( Mas Ismoru)
* Mint sambol ( Minthi Sambola)
* Green Malung (Kola Malung)
* Fresh fruits

This was to be a prelude to a gourmet club of sorts for the Tigers and the emphasis was not on alcohol although no one will apologize for alcohol consumption.

I did ponder a while before including you in the sms and decided why not...after all you are a true blue Tiger. It was with no malice that I included you yet it is unfortunate that you have judged. Please realize that no one monopolizes misery bro.

Happy New Year


Saint Dalai said...

Brother KS,

This post is not directed at you !!! I am referring to other SMSes I received over the previous few days. Honestly, I am a bit annoyed with and sicked of all these proposed drinking sessions, which to me is a waste of time and money. Sorry, I'd judged.

I just read your SMS invitation. The menu is delicious. Unfortunately, I am also not able to attend due to my other priorities.

Have a good day ahead.


Anonymous said...

At the beginning MAN TAKES DRINK,
In the end, DRINK TAKES MAN!

Remember, everything in moderation and one will be fine.

angela ooi