Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fighting Cancer ?

One year ago, my weight was 102Kg, this is me now, my weight has been reduced to less than 60 Kg ! My spirit is still strong, my mind is still alert, but, my body has been physically degraded due to various injection, consumption, exposure to chemical abuses and radiation. Do you think I can still win this battle against CANCER ?

I will, I will, for now.......

Oh Almighty, you made a lot of promises, but did you fulfilled them ? I think you are one hell of a funny pervert......


Randolph said...

Yes, CK, I still think you can win this war against this evil affliction.

We must always have hope. If not, what else is there?

I will pray that you win this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle

Of course you will fight it!



Dalai Baru ( CK ) said...

To the anonymous reader who post comment from IP address, I know who you are. My feedback to you is to have a little basic self respect to respect other people opinion. So, please refrain from posting unwelcome comments about your lack of faith in your own religion and your alternative treatment.

By the way, I forgive you for your nasty comment.

Dalai Baru

Joy said...

CK, I continue to pray for Our Heavenly Father to bring healing, peace and love. Don't give up CK. Blessings, Joy