Monday, August 03, 2009

The thing called cancer....

This journey,
a road that has been traveled by many,
but never survived.

This journey,
is also a road that less traveled by many,
but never comprehend.

This journey,
a journey into my soul,
a road to discover what I am made of.
If this journey is cut short,
Could I still claim victory with pride and dignity ?

This is a journey through the valley of the death,
an ultimate challenge for the brave and steadfast soul.
In the illusion of my mind,
I saw fiery fire, red skies, and sea of blood.
The bitter winds whisper my name,
urging me to give up and abandon the journey,
to take the short cut to the tempting paradise.

Mama was waving at me,
She said,
“Son, you have gone thru' enough.
Come home, to take your needed rest”

But I know, this is not a journey to paradise,
for the heavenly paradise is a place I am not ready for !
I still have my purpose on earth.
I still want to see my children have families of their own,
I still want to hold my children's children on my lap...
I know, time is running out,
but I will hold on to my last breath,
'till my wish come true..


Anonymous said...

I wish you a very good month. Try to enjoy this break as much as you can doing the things you like. You're a brave man and I'm sure your family is proud to count you as one of their members.
My thoughts are with you.

boona said...

Boona here,
i know u r very down but 2 me u r a very brave bro. keep up yr fighting spirits. we n yr loved ones r always with u. will continue praying 4 u.

bennyloh said...

As I was about to retire for the day ,there was a sudden flash of brightness. It looks like
my forehead was illuminated by a halo above my head. I knew the presence of the Lord was there and I had to make a prayer at that instance for your recovery. I had a blind vision then. That was about ten days ago and bravest brother please eat more for the next fight.

Anonymous said...


I was just surfing for Taiping information when I stumbled upon this site. Hope you get well soon. Don't think about it too much, maybe you can read books like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly?? Take care and hope you will recover soon.

Anonymous said...

Go back to taiping and enjoy the good food man. Have a walk up to the Maxwell hill to strengthen the muscles. It's never over.

Anonymous said...

hi uncle

this entry is very touching.

eat well and rest well. you better eat more cos i dont wanna be fat next to you heehee..