Monday, September 18, 2006

Today is a Good Day.......

Dear Friends,

Today is a beautiful day. Why contaminate it with angers and hatreds ?

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. And have a good laugh of how stupid you were yesterday worry about tomorrow. For today is yesterday's tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is already here ! What are you going to do about it ? Look around for scape goats to vent your frustrations of perceived eroticized grievances ? Be fair to others, the world don't owe you a living ! With or without you, life does goes on! Why don't you be the Goat yourself ? I mean you can always grow some long beards and moustache and keep your face unshavened till kingdom come to prove your holier than thou stupidity.

Why not rejoice to the fact that, you, yes you, are lucky to survive your stupidity for another day ? You have choice to choose to lead a contented life of nirvana on earth, simply by acknowledging that you are a wonderful, unique, kind hearted, and talented individual destined to bring happiness to yourself and others. You are also destined by God to have a single purpose to multiply and radiate positive energies to make this world a better place.

Today is a great day for you to forget about your mischievous pasts. Today is a good day to renounce violences, hatreds, and intolerances. Today is a good day to accept the fact that there are more than 40 established religions in this world, and every religion is a religion of peace and has different noble values and practices. Today is a good day to rid yourself of your hatreds and intolerances to compel others to accept your singular belief. Today is definitely a good day for you to make a decision of whether you want to coexist with others to live happily in this world, or forever become marginalized as a ill informed pariah everyday knocking at the door of hell.

Start today. Take advantage of today to accept the fact that happiness, acceptance, spirituality, respect, virtue, conduct, and morality are based on the principle of reciprocity and equality for all human beings. Violences and threats are outdated primitive expressives of barbarians.

Take advantage of today, repent ! Offer prayer and seek the Almighty for forgiveness. Om mani padme hum. Om namo amithaba Buddha.

With Love


Santiniboy said...

One more suggestion. Comments to your blog need to be filtered by you before being published. Why not lose that facility and allow comments to come as they are? Our Government filters the news but you do not need to be a part of that, right? You must allow honesty to prevail right? Coffee must be coffee, right?

BlackCoffee said...


To answer you, I think we all have the problem of reading between the lines too much to the extend of losing the message and formulating our own perception. Honestly speaking, at my age, I no longer have the urge for angers anymore. But I do have my occasional frustrations of having to come to terms with illogical situations. That sometimes resulted in akward rantings and grumpiness.

As to filtering comments, I think I still prefer to keep it that way. This is actually got nothing to do with allowing honesty to prevails. This is toeing line being dictated my uncle LKY. Hope you don't mind.

I am actually quite sad that you have misread and have the notion that I might be refering to Muslims as Barbarians. You got it wrong brother. I am also not refering to the Christians, Taoist, Buddhists, etc as Barbarians. Having said that, I am not saying all of them are good human beings. Religion is not the issue here. What I am saying all this while is, I am against people selfishly using the name of religion to conduct unacceptable acts. For example, I dislike Taliban, not because they are Muslim, But because they destroyed the Buddha statues which is the symbol of my religion. I can not agreed with Al Queda, not because they are Muslim, but because my dear friend are innocently murdered in 9/11. I hated Bush, not because he is a Christian, but because his blinded intererences has caused a lot of unneccesary violent deaths in Iraq and other part of the world. The question is, is it so difficult for these idiots to forgive and forget, and see humanity with a fair eyes and allow each other to live peacefully ?

I am actually a sucker for idealism. I do dream of a secular world with freedom of religion and thoughts. But not freedom from religions and thoughts. I still believe in the Almighty. But my simple believe is, even the Almighty can not deny me my rights to reject certain aspect of my religion which I feel is of tendency towards violence nature. If anybody come to me to tell me that it is my religious duty to kill or destroy, I will have tell them to go to hell.

With regard to being influenced by biased media, I tend to agreed with you that most of the media are biased. Nowaday, I read only media from Russian, China, and Japan. In another word, most of the media I read are from eastern perspective ( I consider Russia as eastern country ). With regards to local media, I hardly read them anymore except looking at the Pan Malaysia or Magnum's results, not because they are pro government, but simply because it is not worth RM 1.20 per copy. I do read SUN, not becuase they are good, but because it is free.

Brother, the "problems" exists today is not a religion problem. If you read back in history, the situations today are actually human stupidity using religion as a justification, motivation, and shield to conduct misdeeds.

I am a Buddhist and also a Taoist, and occasionally I also believe in certain paganistic rituals. If I have the time and space, I would like to preach the goodness of my religion. This is human nature. But for the time being, I don't think there is a neccessity for me to do that. When the time come, the almighty will decide for us our religious path.

For the time being, I am more concern of making enough money to cover my expenses to keep me going. In the mean time, we should try our level best to enjoy our journey in a peaceful ( I mean free from all those violent mental retards ) manner.

The coffee is on me.

aka Dalai Baru.

Anonymous said...

A sinfully delicious coffee, Taiping Coffee ! I like it.

You are right. Religions are not violent but the misguided human beings are.

with love from Denmark.

Soul_Voice said...

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.
In Love,Blessings and Light.

BlackCoffee said...

The journey has begun ! I seek the blessing of the almighty........

Anonymous said...

"If someone comes into your compound and murder your children, would you want to sit by and relax? Of course not! The world is always in turmoil whatever situation there is. All religions profess for peace and love and kindness...."

Beautiful statement, BUT, did someone came to your compound to murder your childred ?

All religion professes for peace and love and kindness ? I don't think so. Who is doing all the oppression, intimidation, victimization, trangression, violence, and murdering all these while ? I think we all know the answer !!!

Cheers to you, Mr Coffee.

An American Infidel