Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A strange dream.....

A few nights ago, I have a dream. I dreamt that I was standing in the front row of an assembly of men and women in the compound of a monastery awaiting the passing away of a frail looking old monk, perhaps, a Buddhist monk. I observed that the old monk was on a wheel chair, he was wheeled into his private room. Moment later, one of the monk assistant emerged from the private room with the empty wheel chair. On the seat of the empty wheel chair is a parcel wrapped in a piece of cloth. The wheel chair was wheeled in front of the assembly of men and women. The monk's assistant announced the meditative death of the monk, he then proceed to handover the parcel to me.

Immediately after I received the parcel, I woke up. Funny thing is, in the middle of the night, I actually saw a momentary yellow light glowing in my palm. I put on my reading glasses, but the yellow light disappeared. Hmm.... my poor eye sights is doing trick on me again... But anyway, I did felt a moment of strange contentment and peace. Perhaps, some unknown subconscious fears in me has been liberated.

What could the dream implied ? Should I go back to finish reading my Buddhism texts which I abandoned few months ago ? Well, I told myself, the guilt of not finishing what I started previously, is getting on my nerve again. I will find times to start the momentum again, I will. Yes, I will, immediately after I sort out some personal and business issues in the office. I guess the dream is only an escapism to relax my increasingly congested and corrupted mind.

After the "dreamy" incident, a few of my friends actually told me that they noticed a slight change in my appearances. They told me my face glows radiantly ! I am not sure what causes it. Maybe the glows are attributed to my recent "sea minerals" therapy. Maybe, maybe the old monk in my dream had spiritually enlightened me................. Ahhhh... wouldn't it be nice if the old monk can also enlightened me with precognitive knowledge of my habitat and future ? Dream on baby ! Sweet dreams are made of these habitual mental masturbations.....

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