Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Unmarried lovers beware.....

Is it crime to being in love with each other and remained unmarried ? Apparently it is in the eyes of some self righteous "moralled" minority. But it is not a crime to carry out murders of innocent people in God's name ! What a contradiction ! Progressively, we are living on the seventh day where we glorify deaths but not love.

The Trengganu state government claimed to have devised an "ingenious" plan whereby a voluntary squad of spies are recruited to tip off the religious department for immoral activities. The state's Islam Hadhari & Welfare Committee Chairman, Rosol Wahid, said waitresses and janitors maybe recruited to act as undercover spies for the religious department. These spies would also be engaged to keep surveillance at parks and secluded areas to "monitor" dating couples in "close proximities". The janitors and waitresses will be rewarded for their tip-off. I guess, if Anna Nicole Smith, who once worked as a waitress, is still alive today, she will probably offer her service to help Rosol curb immoral activities in that immoral land of his. Why not also engage the GRO, prostitutes, and Gigolos to be part of the snoop squad ?

In this land of opportunity, maybe it is a good idea to migrate to Trengganu and work part time as a snooper. What better way to enjoy my life, getting paid by the religious department for my pervert ism of peeping and snooping on couples in love. By the way, I just wonder whether I can gain a few extra credit points from God by being part of the snooping squad.

Holding hands is a crime, being sexy is a crime, close proximities is a crime, kissing is a crime, and we even proposed a "same sex" discos, etc. What are we trying to promote ? gayism and lesbianism ? In the eyes of God or Gods, is it really a sin for couples to show affections and engage in act of love ? I rolled my eyes and shaked my head in disbelieve that in this times of modernity, we actually have people out there trying to impose their misguided morality on others based on inappropriate glorifications of outdated lifestyles.

Between two consenting adults, if they want to conduct illicit sexual acts in private, it is their own private affairs. By snooping and ridiculed the consenting adults, what farting morality are we trying to propagate ? Don't we have better things to do then infringing on lifestyles of others and imposing on them our misguided righteousness ? Narrow minded and mentally congested people never seemed to know their limits and are always incapable of having a reasonable mind to mind their own businesses.

To the likes of Rosol, let me tell you what is sinful and immoral. Illegal drugs addiction and distribution, lack of infrastructures, lack of maintenance of public amenities, rape, incest, corruption, robbery, murder, unemployment, religious fanaticism, racism, etc. are sinful and immoral. Aren't the administration suppose to pay more attentions in these areas ? Where is the priority ? Please show us your efficiencies, productivities, and ingeniousness as government servants to combat these crimes. Trying to divert attention to couples in love and blame them for all the social ills made you a hero and champion of morality ? It merely reflect to me a brain that is full of protein deficient protoplasm echoing stupidities trying to gain recognition. Please, please, be secular in your thinkings and strategic posture, and mind your own business. What other people do in private is their private affairs, stop farting your misguided religiosity and morality on others.

With all due respect, who among us are not sinners ? Let those who commit no sin casts the first stone......

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Religion of Love said...

Malaysian leader blasts religious plan to spy on lustful men and women
23.02.2007 Source: URL: http://english.pravda.ru/society/87697-malaysia-lovers-0

Malaysia's leader said state religious officials should scrap a plan to spy on unmarried Muslims to catch any immoral activities, and instead should focus on strengthening Islamic values, news reports said Friday.

The local newspapers quoted Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as saying the plan by officials in the conservative northern state of Terengganu to plant spies as hotel janitors or waiters to tip off the Islamic Department about improper activities would be an unacceptable invasion of privacy.

"I say there is no need for this," it quoted Abdullah as saying.

He said religious officials should stop trying to police Muslims' morals, and should work on programs to instill Islamic values in their communities, the newspaper said.

"We can take action against those who are involved in vice activities in public places, but there is no need for us to snoop, as that will infringe on people's right to privacy," the local newspapers said Abdullah told Malaysian reporters Thursday during a visit to Indonesia.

Abdullah's aides were not immediately available for comment.

The spies would mainly watch for unmarried couples committing "khalwat," or "close proximity" - meaning non-chaperoned meetings between women and men. It is a crime under Malaysia's Islamic law, a separate system which does not apply to the Southeast Asian nation's substantial non-Muslim minorities.

Muslims found guilty of khalwat can be jailed for up to two months, the AP said.

Rosol Wahid, chairman of Terengganu's Islamic welfare committee, which proposed the spies, was quoted in the local newspapers as saying that their presence would "act as a deterrent" against immoral activities.

"We are not in the business of putting couples or their families to shame," Rosol said. "We are helping families and society."

However, he added that "we have more serious matters to attend to than focus on khalwat."

At least two other states' religious officials have suggested setting up similar squads in recent years. The government scuttled the plans, citing concerns over invasion of privacy.