Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fragment from the past............

I remembered, many years ago, I rented a small single storey house in Sri Petaling at a rental of RM 280 per month, and my office was located in downtown Kuala Lumpur. As a result, I was a frequent user of the old Sri Petaling and Kuala Lumpur trunk road.

During those days, my salary was barely enough to cover my monthly expenses, but I managed. And, I felt lucky to at least have a job. I did work hard because I do not want to lose my job. Most of the times, I worked past normal office hours. Usually, by the time I am on the road home, it was probably around 10:00PM.

Thinking of those days does bring back some “pleasurable” memories.

I am not saying that the Police is corrupted. However, I do encountered many little experiences dealing with corrupted police personnel on the road. Without fail, if my memory served me right, every week, there would be at least one or two incidences of my vehicle being flagged down by the police during the night while I traveled from office to home. And usually, the policeman accused me of speeding ( even though I am cocksure that I am not speeding ), and it is always theirs words against mine. The police man will always end up asking me : “Mau Selesai ? “ ( which means – do you want to settled ? ). To cut a long story short, “selesai” here means you end up folding two RM10 notes, tucked in between your Driving license and National Identification Card, then passed it to the policeman. The police man will somehow expertly removed the money between the two cards, then return the cards to you. You are then free to carry-on with your drive home.

What if I refuse to “Selesai” with the policeman ? I did ask them this question before because I know I did not commit any traffic violation. The police man impressed upon me that, if I don't pay – up, they will escort me to the police station to make life miserable for me. Well, when you are tired and wanted to go home eagerly to rest, there is no point arguing with those uniformed bastards. I always paid up. Mind you, I am so experienced with this frequent encounters that I always keep 2 pieces of RM10 notes in my car compartment. Whenever I was stopped by the police on the same stretch of road, right or wrong, as soon as I wind down the window, I will just handover my diving license and National Identification Card together with RM20 in between to the policeman. Within minutes, the policeman will ask me to move on so that they can preyed on the next “victims”.

Sometimes, I end up paying more than RM 200 a month to those bastards in order to have a smooth passage home. I told myself, this can't go on indefinitely, and there must be a cheaper alternative. Bingo, I did found out a cheaper alternative ! I went to the Chinese shop specializing in selling joss sticks, etc to buy a few stack of “Hell Notes”, folded them carefully to make them look like RM 10 notes.

On the next incidence I was stopped by the police, I confidently slipped the Hell Notes between my cards and passed it to the police. Surprisingly, they just accept it and let me move on. Before I start my car engine, I always say a silent prayer, the prayer goes something like this “may you bastard have the early opportunity to use the note in hell”. Miraculously, after 2 further incidences, I was never stopped by police again. Buddha does work in a miraculous way. I presumed those uniformed bastards either never dare to station themselves on that stretch of trunk road to demand bribes, or they already end up in hell with a bundle of useless hell notes !

Thinking back, those early incidences do ingrained a negative perception of our police force in my mind. Until today, I do have my doubt on the integrity and honesty of the police force. Whatever they said, I will have to take their words with many pinches of salts.

Whatever it is, I guess, my prayer and my little creativities does work ! The moral of the story is, do not wronged a Buddhist, you may end up in hell !

Namo Amithaba Buddha.....................

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