Monday, July 14, 2008

Of broken tooth......

I was told by wifey that there is an authentic Malay restaurant that serve good Malay foods in Klang. So, off I went with my wife and a good friend of mine to the restaurant for Saturday's lunch.

Without doubt, the food was good, and reasonably priced. In my eagerness to satiate my desires for hot and spicy foods, I accidentally chewed on a grain of sand ( or perhaps, a little minute pebble) that came with the rice. I broke my tooth. I can't imagine my tooth was so brittle that a tiny little speck of sand can break it.

I guess, I can make an issue and sue the restaurant owner for not exercising due care to ensure the rice they served are not contaminated with other unwanted residues. But would that made me feel better ? I guess, as a Buddhist, whatever will be, will be. I shall save my breaths, and acknowledge it as my karma. However, I swear, I will never eat in that restaurant again !

I don't hate dentist, but believe me, throughout my adult life, a dental clinic is the last place I would go. But, Buddha said, if you have a tooth problem, stop praying to imaginary God, go see a dentist ! So, I managed to make an appointment with the dentist on Sunday morning. The dentist inspected the damage, told me that the tooth was quite badly broken at the root. His professional opinion is to have a surgical extraction. A few anesthetic jabs later, what is left of the broken tooth was removed. The dentist gave me some pain killers just in case I need it later part of the day. And, I was poorer by RM 150 !

I was put on liquid diet for the whole of Sunday in order not to have any chances of solid foods causing further damage to the sore gums.

The Hokkiens used to say “ Boh geh sai, come too boo a lau chi bai !” This eventual possibility doesn't sound attractive to me. Well, too many teeth have gone missing in my fowl mouth, it is about time I start paying attention to oral hygiene to preserve what is still available. Otherwise, it is difficult to imagine that, one day, I will end up toothless.

Moral of the story is, Don't Eat Malay Foods ?

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