Monday, August 25, 2008

The Art of Swearing.....

Malaysians are, at times, very funny and comical. It is indeed sickening to learn that, increasingly, Malaysians are being indoctrinated to accept religious swearing as a form of settling disputes.

Our Deputy Prime Minister, Najib, has recently swore on Koran that he doesn't know and is not involved in the murdered Mongolian woman. The young and handsome Saiful had also swore on Koran that he was sodomized by the former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim. To make thing even funnier, Najib has also challenged Anwar Ibrahim to swear on Koran that he did not sodomize Saiful. And it is totally unbelievable to note that many politicians also joined the bandwagon of asking Anwar to swear on Koran as a mean to defend his innocence. Hmm... Is Malaysia a lawless country now where there are no more respect for our judicial system ?

These incidences of invoking God and swearing on holy book does remind me of some backward traditional practice by some uneducated and uncultured Chinese in Malaysia many decades ago. In the early 70's, some Chinese politicians or so called community leaders resorted to settle who is telling the truths or lies by conducting ritual prayer and slaughtering chickens in the temples. Both disputing parties leave it to the “Heavenly God” to strike the guilty party with lightning and thunderbolts. The sad fact is, the poor chickens were slaughter cruely and unnecessarily, while the both the disputing party walk away knowing very well that it is extremely unlikely lightning or thunderbolts will rain on them. Well, in the name of God, human beings are indeed very creative to manipulate superstitious belief to justify their misdeeds.

He truth of the matter is, if a person is going to tell a lies or cover their misdeeds, putting his or her hand on holy scripture to swear is not going to transform lies into truths. Malaysia is a secular state, let's not be so insensitive to impose our selfish assertions using the good name of religion at the expense of degrading our judicial system. If we have disputes, the most civilized way is to bring the facts and argue our understandings in a court of law. Using religious swearing without the consent of the court is the most despicable act of contempt. Let us be rational and logical in seeking the truth, and let us not be guided by uncouth mentality of imposing the irrational aspects of religious acts on others. Believe me, if there is a God, he would probably not want to associate himself with the never ending creative misdeeds of sinners.

Ok, let me be a little bit oxy-moronic of my self righteousness on religious swearing. Let me jump into the bandwagon of Saiful and Najib swearings. I swear to my Lord Buddha that I do not know who sodomize who, or who murdered the Mongolian lady. Dear Lord Buddha, if Saiful and Najib is telling the truth, then let Barisan Nasional win the Permatang Pauh by-election. And, if Anwar did not sodomized Saiful, then let Anwar be the Yang Berhormat again in the Parliament of Malaysia. I swear I have no malice against anybody, except with the honest and genuine sincerity to seek the truth.

And, tomorrow, the result of Permatang Pauh's by-election shall reveal the truth....... Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.


rummuser said...

You have got it right. This is the most ridiculous way to establish truth or otherwise.

dano said...

Saddam Hussein also swore a lot, so what?