Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A betrayal of trust.....

On March 8 2008, Malaysians went to the polling stations nationwide to vote in a stronger oppositions in the parliament, and as well as putting the Pakatan Rakyat to form state government in Perak, Kedah, Selnagor, Kelantan, and Penang.

Since March 8 2008, Malaysians have been bombarded with politicians pre-occupying political stunts to cause further hardships to all Malaysians. We have the so called Pakatan Rakyat of DAP, PKR, and PAS trying their level best to engineer defection or cross over to form the federal government. While the Barisan Nasional is also trying their level best to convince Pakatan Rakyat's lawmakers to switch camp to regain the control of the state governments. While the political tug-of-war is going on, Malaysia economy suffer unrivaled deteriorations. I do wonder whether it ever crossed the minds of these politicians to have the moral decency, patriotic belongings, and political correctness to respect the mandate given to them to govern and as well as to act as opposition in a responsible manners. I guess, some of these politicians are basically a bunch of uncultured hooligans infested with shameless greeds for power and barbaric racist intents.

If I recalled the sentiments of the pre March 8 2008 euphoria, Malaysians basically wanted the country to have a strategic posture of modern and progressive Malaysia for all Malaysians irregardless of race, ethnicity, and religions. In short, Malaysians want to be addressed as Malaysians instead of Malaysian Indonesian, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysia Indian, Kadazan, Iban, etc. championed by the racially divisive political parties. The March 8 2008 elections results dealt heavy blows to the race based political parties, and rippled the signals that Malaysians are now ready and is at the threshold of discarding racial politics, but sadly, the political parties are not ready to embrace this new aspirations. Sad to note that, some political parties are now resorting to misinterpret the constitution to champion narrow minded racial rights to perpetuate racial agenda to sustain their relevancy.

Recently, a group of about 300 narrow minded pariahs stormed a legitimate open forum organized by the Bar Council because they claimed that the supremacy of their religion is being questioned. If a religion is so supreme, can a open and civil forum organized by mortal beings to discuss constitutionality degrade its supremacy ? It goes to show that, narrow minded idiots will always resort to whatever available avenues to champion their hooliganism and indecency. Do Malaysians have to suffered because a group of uncultured hooligans felt that it is their rights to deny the rights of others ? The saddest part is, some political leaders from the Pakatan Rakyat seemed to be the most vocal and abusive in the gang of 300 hooligans who halt the forum. If I remembered it correctly, Pakatan Rakyat is supposed to be a multi racial party. It does gave me an impression that, PR is an opportunist and insincere party willing to ride on racist agenda and narrow minded religion intolerances to gain popularity. I do sincerely hope, PR can come out strongly to reprimand its members who disrupt the legitimate open forum, otherwise, the NON Muslim voters in Permatang Pauh should express their disapproval by voting against PKR in the coming by-elections. Malaysians should exercise their rights to rid political party who practice Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin !

In the March 8 2008, I voted for PKR and DAP. Looking at current circumstances, I think I made a mistake. I was blinded by the arrogance of the BN and fell into the trap of the so called Pakatan Rakyat. If there is a by-election in my area again, I swear in the name of my late father, I will not waste my vote on these strange opportunistic bedfellows !

I am sicked and tired of those bastards and pariahs who seemed to have insatiable thirst to discriminate and impose their narrow mindedness on others based on religion and race. I guess, these uncultured pariahs always felt that it is alright for them to discriminate others, and the rest of civil minded people must continued to observe and accord the sensitivity to these barbarians in order to live peacefully and harmoniously.

Well, what else can I say ? With their mind filled with piss, may piss be upon them, and may they live in piss !

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha....

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rummuser said...

Welcome to the real world. Ask any citizen of any democratic country, and he will tell you that his country's politician is no less obnoxious. The price of democracy I am afraid is that it sends up the bottom of the pit to the political life.