Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Does it have to be ended this way ?

The following was reported in a local newspaper today. What is the roles of the wildlife department ? Shooting wildlife or protecting wildlife ?

Monkey’s reign of terror ended

TAIPING: The waist-high male monkey that has been terrorising Taman Lake View residents has been gunned down. The pig-tailed macaque, also known as berok, was on the Wildlife Department’s wanted list after it attacked and injured businessman Yim Ah Chai, 47, at his house compound more than a month ago. “We are greatly relieved and can now go out of our homes without fear,” said Yim, who had several stitches as a result of the injuries caused when fending off the monkey.

Yim thanked the rangers from the Wildlife Department for their good work.
“Without their vigilance, the monkey would have continued to terrorise us,” Yim said, adding that the rangers always responded when he or his neighbours alerted the department after spotting the monkey in the vicinity.

He said that after the monkey managed to give the rangers the slip previously, one of the rangers whom Yim identified as Mazli decided to go “undercover.”

“Mazli decided to use his Proton car. Usually, he and his colleagues would come in the Wildlife Department official vehicles and the monkey would run away.

“The switch seemed to have worked because the monkey did not flee the scene and one of the two rangers killed it with a single shot to the head,” said Yim, who estimated the dead monkey's weight at about 30kg.

Residents in the area said the monkey had also attacked and injured a group of boys and a watchman manning the Perak Water Board district office nearby before its encounter with Yim.

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