Wednesday, January 18, 2006

God, please forgive me for I have sinned...

On Saturday 15th Jan 2006, a young woman, Chee Gaik Yap, while jogging in the housing estate, was kidnapped, gang raped and brutally murdered. Chee, aged 25, was a top graduate in Business Administration from University Utara Malaysia. Subsequently, the local police detained six suspects ( believed to be Malaysian Indian ) for investigation. A talented young Malaysian's life was violently terminated by a group of sickening bastards.

Perhaps, the religious leaders in Malaysia must now have the political courages and wills to relook into our judgemental values system. Criminals needs to be punished severely as deterrents and lessons to potential criminals from committing crimes. We are living in a very sick society. The religious authorities must come out strongly to denounce these criminals and kick them out from their places of worships. In the past, we always hear of criminals, after committing sins or criminal acts, will go to places of worships to confess their sins or criminal acts and seek forgiveness. After the confessions, these criminals will have the good feelings of being given the “second chance” and be “sinless” again. Afterall, have GOD ever speak out against any criminal's request for forgiveness ? And the vicious cycles of criminal activities repeats itself. Are we being too righteous by giving criminals the comforting notion of entitlement of “second chance” in life in the name of religion ? Is religion being unwitting being used indirectly to create a fertile ground for breeding potential criminals ?

If caught and produced in Court, I would not be surprised to see these criminals wearing "holy attires" and amulets to argue their defense in confident. What else can go wrong if you are under the protection of God. Even if they lost their case, there will always be another religion to be converted into for asylums and mental comforts.

I am very sad to read about Chee's unexpected violent death. Perhaps, I am talking nonsense. But my coffee do taste very bitter today.

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