Thursday, January 12, 2006

Old Friends.....

The following text is dedicated to Larry Pomerantz, Teik Boo, and Beh Ah Chee......


We used to be young,
the age of never ending possibilities,
the age of non conformities,
the age of idealisms,
the age of confidence.

We parted our way,
in search of our dreams,
to begin the journey of charting our own destinies,
at young tender age.

Twenty years or so has past,
our hairs are silvered,
our faces show signs of wrinkles,
we have all mellowed.

Along the way,
we lived our lives with our own priorities,
many things has changed.
But my friends,
our memories may be fading,
our friendship has stood the test of times.

Seeing you again,
after more than 20 years,
is an odd feeling,
but a happy expectations.

I am happy our paths have crossed again.
There are triumphs in our old weary eyes,
we have all been successful in our own rights.
The lost years had made us
more appreciative of the lost friendships,
we shall continued from where we left off,
we shall renewed our friendships.


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