Friday, February 22, 2008

Encounter of an eerie kind

A few days ago, a good friend of mine called me up to say he will be coming to my house to collect some documents in the late evening. Towards the evening, the same friend called me to tell me that he is on his way. About half an hour or so later, I heard some knocking noise outside my house, I open the auto gate, and went outside the house expecting to see my friend. But he was nowhere in sight, the street in the late evening was quiet. Suddenly I smelled something resembling the “kemiyan”. I look around the neighborhood, at 10:00PM, I presumed most of my neighbors are already asleep, I don't quite like the fragrant and went back into the house.

Later, my friend turned up at my house with his children. As usual, I brewed my favorite Taiping's coffee, have our smoking session, and we chat.

After mid night, noticing that the children are a bit sleepy, we called it a day. I walked my friend to his car which was parked direct outside my house and wished them good night. After my friend left, I manually secured the gate, and went back inside the house. A few minute later, my friend called to inform me that, his son saw a headless woman in apron inside the garden of my neighbor house. His son described in details the image he saw. It is already past mid night, the description does sound a bit eerie to me.

The next morning, I decided to call my neighbor to relay to him what my friend's son saw. But strangely enough, I was not able to retrieve the telephone number of my neighbor from my hand phone. Maybe I could have deleted the telephone number by accident. I checked with my wife, and equally surprising, my neighbor's telephone number was not registered in her hand phone also. I told my wife to check it and let me know later. As a neighbor, I just wanted to inform my neighbor as soon as possible the unusual sighting at their house. Not wanting to sound too superstitious, perhaps, if they are informed, my neighbor may want to perform some religious rite to cleanse their house spiritually.

The funny thing is, within half an hour, I was “spiritually attacked” in my office. For no apparent reason, I was hit with painful palpitations and sweating profusely. I almost blackout in my office ! I was too weak to even talk. Luckily, one of my office supplier turned up, I seek his assistant to send me home.

When I reached home, I was still very weak, and the pain at my chest was unbearable. I took a nab with the hope of soothing the pain and letting the palpitations subsides. I managed to doze off and took the much needed rest. When I woke up an hour later, I was still experiencing chest pains and palpitation. A prelude to heart attacks ? It simply doesn't made sense. Could it be a spiritual interference ? It could be. How else could I explain the sudden physical degradations ?

Calmly, I walked outside my house, standing facing my neighbor house. Quietly I whispered “Whoever you are. I meant no harm. I had no wish to challenge you. Please let me go and do not disturb me again.” Surprisingly and suddenly, my palpitations stopped, and my chest pains ease substantially.

I quietly walked back inside my house. I told myself, I see nothing. I hear nothing. And, I will not do anything further. So what is the important lesson here ? The realization is, do not be a busybody when dealing with unusual spiritual encounters. No matter how real is your spiritual encounter, do not interfere.

See No Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak No Evil.


Kvack said...

ya amamt menakutkan

Anonymous said...

Real or not one this story or is this just a spooky story to boost up your ratings ?

Is it safe to visit you tomorrow?