Friday, February 15, 2008

The Malaysian Dream

20 years ago, a young man started his life in Kuala Lumpur with less than RM50 in his pocket. He left his 1 year old son with his mother while he initiated his search for a better future for his young family. With swallowed tears, he kissed his young son and promised in silence to return soon. With a bag of few decent clothes and his other little sentimental possessions, he drove 400 KM to Kuala Lumpur to search for better life.

His brother was kind enough to provide him with temporary free lodging. With little money, he budgeted RM2 a day for meals. With his college degree, he went from office to office to hunt for a job. He took the first job that came along. he also took two other part time jobs in the evening and weekends. The image of his young son drove him on. He knows, his only chance to a better future is to swallow his pride, and work even harder. He worked as seemed he did not need to be paid.

Life was tough, he was living below poverty line, he was the urban poor. Did the caring government helped him ? No. Did the merciful religious organizations helped him ? NO. But he refused to be acknowledged as poor. He was determined. He acknowledged and accepted the reality of life. During his period of difficulties, no body really care to extend a helping hand to him. He learned to adapt to the street, and the street taught him to take care of himself.

A year later, he moved into a rented house of his own, bought a better second hand car. Two year later, he had a healthy saving account, took his son back to Kuala Lumpur. He even had enough money to buy a condominium. Many years later, he own a few buildings, a few businesses of his own, and the luxuries to buy what he once can not afford. But today, he still keep a simple lifestyle and live an honest and humble life.

He was lucky ? Indeed he was ! He is a believer of luck, and his simple secret of attracting luck is, the harder you work, the better your luck will be. How did he overcame hardship ? In a way, he was inspired by his late mother's "Chit tiam lor, chit tiam chow" ( it means, no matter how harsh the condition is on the road, a grass will find it way to survive the harshest spot ). As an educated and perfectly healthy man, he walks with his legs, and think with his head. He lives a life that is as unpretentious as it can be, and as down to earth as he can feel.

He once said that Malaysia is indeed a country full of opportunities, because the law of probability is such, there are always so many lazy and privileged people out there waiting to be spoon fed, demanding and seeking special priviledges and entitlements to live like parasites. While the parasites are wasting their times shouting grievances that other people denied them the opportunities to do better, all one ever need to do is to work a little bit harder, and you shall achieve success eventually, rise above the many parasites to reap the sweet fruits of your labours.

Isn't it the dreams of all Malaysians to live a wealthy life ? Sweet dreams are made from hard works ! What is your next course of action ? To be the first crying baby that get the spilled milk ? Or, Work hard to determine your own future ?

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