Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bits & Bytes (8)

I completed 30 sessions of 3DCRT last week. As a follow-up, I consulted th doctor today on my next course of action.

The good news is, the blood test result showed a further drop of the CA19.9 marker from 2899 to 1970. A drop of 32%. The negative sign is, my weight now has gone below 60kg. Compared to my previous weight of 102kg, I have lost almost 50kg over period of one year. Hmmm..... Almost half of me has gone, I am indeed not half the man I used to be. I guess I need to go to the departmental store to buy new clothes !

Anyway, I do hope the CA19.9 marker can continue to drop to within normal rang soon. And, I am also equally hopeful that, the latest marker reading is an indication of the reduction in size of the tumor.

The doctor has recommended that I take a one month “break” in receiving treatment. I will be admitted to the hospital again at end of August 2009 for further medical procedure such as CT Scan, Lab diagnostic, etc. to assess my status and to plan for next round of strategy. For the time being, the good doctor told me that everything is under control, and I should make use of the month long break to enjoy whatever I want to do.

I have gone through seven rounds of intravenous chemotherapy, 4 months of targeted drugs, one round of alternative treatment protocol, and as well as the recent combination of oral chemo together with radiation therapy. I know, all these treatments, medications, and procedures during the last 12 months have inflicted heavy damages on my body. Not wanting to sound pessimistic, but the rational side me has the expectation that the road ahead is not going to be any more easier than my current state of uncertainty. What I can do now is not to b too anxious of what lies ahead, but rather to take stock of my current situation, and get myself ready for the battle ahead. What I really need to do now is to arrest my declining weight and strengthen my body over the next 30 days or so, so that I am physically fit to combat those nasty mutant cells again when the I resume my next treatment protocol in about a month's time.

Looking back, I used to take pride in myself for having control and always in the driver seat for whatever I want to do. While my mind is still alert and my spirit is still strong, but physically, this cancer thingy has slowly and surely inflicted degradations on my body. I fainted a few times while doing a simple chores like climbing the stairs, and even fell down while walking because I lost control of my left leg. A man is suppose to be the pillar of the family, I really do not want to lose my dignity by becoming a burden to my family members. I guess the only way for me to overcome this unwelcome situation is by having greater determination and will to win this battle against my present chronic illness. I hope the Almighty does not forsake me again, but to give me the guidance and strength to overcome the challenges ahead.

So, what am I going to do during this “medical break” ? Well, I will do some traveling, write my journal, and sharpening my photography skills. Perhaps, I will take this opportunity to live life as it is, one day at a time, smell the flowers, and appreciate the creations of the Almighty.

Praise the Lord, and may all beings be well and healthy........


Mark said...

As you want to regain some of the muscle mass you lose may I suggest that you eat low glycemic/high protein foods. Reason for low glycemic is that glucose/sugar feeds cancer. Do weight bearing exercises to gain muscle mass. Eat small meals, with protein in every meals. You might want to take multivitamins without the iron as cancer also feeds on iron. Aso try to avoid crowded places during your 'medicle breaks' as your immune system is still low.
My mother beat colon cancer after treatment with Xeloda(oral chemo) so chemotherapy works for some cancers.
Good luck and keep on the fight.

kit said...

Dear CK
You are right. Live one day at a time and do what you enjoy doing. Stop to smell the roses and cherish every moment with loved ones. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Hope you'll regain weight and strength. God's grace be upon you

Stephen said...

This is great news.You deserve the month long break.Enjoy the time with your family, shopping for new clothings and your son's graduation.I am confident that you will soon regain your taste buds and strength.Yes, you ended your blog well i.e. not forgetting to praise and thank the Lord. He is always there for us (Isaiah 41:10).
Have a great month ahead.