Thursday, July 09, 2009

Of alternative treatments...

Today, I received a call from a lady who introduced herself as “a friend of my friend”. She told me that she learned about my chronic illness from “my friend”, and she has a product that can cure cancer. A friend of my friend ? But she is not able to tell me the name of the friend. Well, there is a Chinese saying that goes like this - “ Thean Xia Wu Yah Yee Yang Hei” 天下烏鴉 一樣 黑, translated, it means “all the crows under the sky have the same blackness”. Well, whenever you go, there are always over anxious medicine peddler selling false hope to desperate chronic disease sufferers. Sometimes, I do wonder, why in this world, there are so many immoral people seeking every opportunities to try to make immoral gains at the expense of desperate people.

I know, as a cancer patient, I am desperately looking for a cure, but luckily, I still have a logical mind to make objective assessment, and previous bad experiences also made me wiser. Put it this way, if a person has a product that can cure cancer or other chronic diseases, he or she would probably be a billionaire now. As a billionaire, would she or he still have the time making all the personal call to pitch their so called proven products ?

As far as I am concerned, all those so called alternative treatments for cancer are basically nutritional supplements, some are over prices, and some are over glorified. I am not against alternative medicine or treatments, but it is the false hope they are selling that I am against. I have no problem if the alternative medicines are sold as complimentary nutritional supplements to evidence based medicine. Most of the alternative medicines or treatments are grossly overpriced and expensive. As a result, some of these unscrupulous medicine peddlers or direct sale personnel resorted to convince cancer patient to abandon evidence based medicine in order to increase their chances of concluding the “deal”. I do sincerely hope that those who involved in the peddling of alternative medicines or treatments can have some basic decency to love their fellow human being rather than obsessed with making a few extra sinful dollars.

I also find it very amusing that, there are also ignorant souls preaching to me the mightiness of the Almighty in healing my chronic illness. I was once advised by a so called very religious person to abandon seeking treatments from the doctor but to keep praying to the Almighty for healing. Being a very observant person, I saw he carry a small packet of medication in his pocket. I asked him what is the medication for ? He told me it is for migraine. Well, so much about his religiosity and faith in the Almighty ! For minor illness like migraine, he seek treatment from the doctor, but advise a cancer patient like me to abandon treatments and seek healing from the Almighty ? My take on this spirituality is very simple, God only help those who help themselves, and God also gave us a logical mind to resolve our own problem. When dealing with chronic illnesses, let us not be blinded by blind faith and religious fanaticism. Have faith in yourself, and cultivate hope through prayer, but never, never take advise from those idiots to abandon treatments from evidence based medicines.

May all beings be well and healthy. My the Almighty bless all of us with good health and happiness......


Anonymous said...

Hi Brother CK

I totally agreed with your analysis of those direct sales people out there. They certainly are peddling FALSE HOPE at the REAL EXPENSE of others.

Keep up the FAITH IN YOURSELF. There is a medicine out there and there is also an INTERNAL POWER IN YOURSELF to heal. And also keep the FAITH in GOD.

In short if you are confuse, just keep the faith in GOD, YOURSELF AND MODERN MEDICINE at the same time.


Mark said...

Hi CK,
I understand your skepticism on alternative treatments but you also cannot trust 100% on conventional medications. Best is to use both. If you don't mind my suggestion to evaluate the Budwig diet, supplements that boost immune system, to get alternative cancer treatments.

Anonymous said...

hi There!!
I'm one of Cancer Survivor here..type of my sick was ALL-acute Lympholastic Leukeamia..Now im completely finished all cycle of Chemo & going through for blood check-up only...(Took Goats milk, fruits & veg alot)
For my personal opinion on how to fight cancer, put in mind that u gonna Fight the sick & come out from the Hospital Bed...tell to urself that yOU can defeat the illness...and You can overcome from the sick...yes of coz, with the blessings & Moral support from ur Loves can easily overcm this disease :)
Now i heard abt TASLY products to help on good microcirculation...(sort of supplements) check it out...Thankz