Friday, November 13, 2009

Jesus Christ is my only hope for healing ?

I received an anonymous comment relating to my recent posting of “another disappointing day again...”

I am sorry I am not able to publish this Anonymous reader's comment in my blog. However, I do hope this anonymous reader, being a righteous Christian, can use his real name in future comments so that I can communicate with him as a Christian. In summary, the followings are some “advises”given by this “anonymous reader” :

  • Do not go for Chemotherapy
  • Do not use my nickname “Dalai Baru” as it is unchristian
  • Jesus Christ is my only hope for healing

Honestly, I would like to sincerely thank Anonymous for his advises. As much as I am over anxious in seeking healing for my current medical condition, I also need to be logical in my next step of action.

With regards to Chemotherapy, my take on this medical option is simple. I beeed through 7 rounds of intravenous chemotherapy and many months of oral chemotherapy. The experiences are horrible and at times humiliating. I also realized that, cancer is not just a normal chronic illness, but a horrible terminal illness. If I can do away with chemotherapies, I will avoid it at all costs. But, I am not a professional medical personnel competent in cancer cure, therefore, I will have to rely on qualified medical professional such as Oncologists or doctors for the advise on the best possible option that I can adopt to recover my health. I can not be that irresponsible to rely on the advises of people who are not qualify to offer medical and treatment advises. If my doctors advised me to go for Chemotherapy again as the next best option, then it is the necessary evil to adopt. I do hope, people who are not well versed or qualified in cancer treatments to refrained from offering inappropriate dangerous advises and insensitive comments.

I know, at the end of the day, I may not win this battle against cancer, BUT, at least, modern medicines can improve the quality of my daily existence in whatever number of days I am left with.

With regards to the usages of my nickname of “Dalai Baru” in my posting, I would like to emphasize again that, I had been using this nickname for years. If using this nickname is being perceived as “unchristian” or offensive to some Christians, then so be it. I do hope, these Christians, in their eagerness to portray themselves as super Christians of righteousness, they can refraied from imposing their narrow minded religious interpretations on others. It is a sin to live life as a hypocrites. For those Christians who still think that “Dalai Baru” as a nickname is unchristian, I would like to seek their understanding and interpretation of the term “Dalai Baru” first, before they go around criticizing other people's unchristianness. What next, do I have to discard my Chinese name and adopt a Christian name in order to be sounds like a Christian and looks like a Christians ? May the Almighty bless those misguided Christians to have basic respect for their own cultural roots, and be enlightened to be more knowledgeable and open minded.

I may not be feeling well, but I am not sicked in mind. I thank the Almighty for blessing me with a sound mind to see the hypocritness of some misguided minds. May the Almighty forgive them for their inapropriate insensitivities of their narrowmindedness.

Now, coming back to religiosity. Is Jesus Christ my only hope to secure cure and recovery of my health ? Prayer gave me hope and gave me a sense of direction, but beyond that, I got to be responsible for my own welfare. Honestly, in my quiet times and in the privacy of my dwelling, I had been praying to the Almighty for his blessing and grace. As much as I want to be spiritual about it, but I also need to be logical and rational about this whole medical fiasco I am in. As much as I want to have faith in the mighty Jesus Christ as my healer, I also need to have faith in modern medicines, the doctors, and medical personnel who attend to my treatments. I hope this position of mine will not be challenged by Anonymous as being having lack of faith in the mighty Jesus Christ.

May the Almighty bless all those people with the sensitivity, grace, and wisdom with qualified knowledge to offer qualified medical advises.

Praise the Lord !


KS Cheah said...

Hey bro. Am glad to see you are staying true to yourself which is difficult even for the best among us. Take care.


Boona said...

Kiat, I do understand how you have felt by such remarks.....You have followed the right perspectives pertaining to the treatments. Continue to do what you are doing now and enjoy it. You are always in my prayers. God bless you.

bennyloh said...

Do not be bothered about anonymous "prescribtions"

hoon said...

Kiat, dont let such things disturb you. Just continue to stay strong, stay rational as you have been! True Taiping Tiger! Praise the Lord for his blessings upon you.

Dalai Baru ( CK ) said...

Come to think of it, maybe I should change my nickname to SAINT DALAI ! Probably this new nickname will be more acceptable to some of my Christian brothers and sisters..... Haha....

Kit Ying said...

This is just the opinion of ONE uninformed and misguided Cristian and that should not shake your own faith and influence your perspective of Christians, It is unfair to label Christians as hypocrites just because of this. It is wise to follow the doctor's advice as to what is the best treatment for you and to totally depend on spiritual healing would be foolhardy. Hope the herbal treatment will produce better results. By God's grace you have sustained the illness for more than a year0 nothing short of a miracle actually

Dalai Baru ( CK ) said...


I do not labelled Christian as hypocrites, BUT I do find some Christians' hypocrisies totally unacceptable. The herbal treatment I am getting is just a temp solution to improve my immune system and appetite.

I accept the fact that I am now living under the grace of God. Everyday is a miracle to me....