Monday, November 10, 2008

Round Three : The battle continues.....

Round Two officially end this morning. Who wins ? I think, after losing Round One, I am entitled to claim victory for Round Two. Because, I am still standing tall and physically, mentally, and spiritually able to proceed to the next round. My red blood cells, white blood cells, and palette counts are within optimum level. In fact, I even got a gut feeling that the tumor at the pancreas has reduce in size, because the pain at my back is more manageable now.

This morning, I went to Tung Shin Hospital at around 8:00AM, got my blood test done at 8:30AM, and finally started my next round of Chemotherapy around 11:00AM. The chemotherapy treatment last approximately two hours. I was later checked into the wad to rest and to have my weight, blood pressure, and temperature taken. Finally, I was checked out from the wad at around 5:10PM, and my wife drive me home from the hospital and I manage to reach home at around 6:00PM.

Talking about weight, over the past three weeks, I had manage to arrest my declining weight. Three months ago, I use to weight around 102kg, and the weight dropped to around 74kg three weeks ago. Over, I lost approximately 28kg of weight over a period of three months, that is equivalent to 62 lbs of weight ! But today, my weight has improved slightly to 77kg, an increased of 3kg over the previous 3 weeks. So, for the time being, I have one less worry in managing my recovery of health. I guess, Almighty God is responding to my prayers and slowly restoring my faith and confidence. Praise the Lord.

Coming to my tumor thingy, I think the reason I am inflicted with cancer is probably I am too rational and logical in life, to the extend of neglecting my spiritual obligations to the Almighty. I was basically too HARD for the Almighty to communicate to me. I guess, I deserved the punishments from the Almighty to soften me, and to make me realized how insignificant I am without spiritual enlightenment.

One thing for sure, for the next three week, I am going to win this Round Three. My strategy for this round is to have more focus on physical, mental, and spiritual areas. In terms of Physical well-being, I will continue my morning exercise, spend more times to beautify my garden, and maybe start another daily session of evening exercise. For mental well being, I guess the best medicine is laughter. I will have to laugh more often, watch more comedy movies, take things at more leisure level, and to complete shut myself off from office related issues. For spiritual well being, I have found a new reliance and paradise. I shall attend more church services, and read the holy book consistently to enlighten myself with words of God. I have complete faith in God to heal me and restore my health at his timing. Surprising thing is, since I accepted Lord Jesus Christ, I enjoys certain unexplained calmness and God's peace which my limited logical and rational mind can not explain.

Almighty God, gratefully, I thank you for your mercy, hearing, and answering my prayers. Well, whatever it is, Round Three has started. Here I am, I am going to fight a good fight.........


Kt Ying said...

Dear CK
I'm so happy to hear of your improvement and the best news is the healing of your soul. God does not punish unbelievers or inflict diseases on them. He has called you to be His special child and through your illness you have drawn close to Him. You are now enjoying his peace and presence and a deep seated joy and hope for the future. I can already see a miracle in you and I pray that you and the family will continue to trust in His good and perfect will for your lives.
Kit Ying

KS Cheah said...

Hi Bro,

It is great to know you are solidly fortified spiritually and managing well. Our thoughts are with you.

Is it ok to visit you this Friday/Saturday? Susan & Harjit would like to come along. If you would like to avoid visitors because of immunity considerations we would understand.

Take care mate!


Anonymous said...


Keep up your faith in the Lord Jesus. You will experience a tremendous calm and find new strengths and energy to fight Round Three. Just repeat to yourself when you go for Round Three, " I can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens Me".

And " If God be with me, who can be against me"


The Peaceful Man said...

CK, it is very good to read your latest postings that I have missed. All signs pointing to you winning the fight. Keep it up my friend. May God bless you.