Friday, November 21, 2008

Round Three : The side effects

Looking at my notes, the combinations of drugs used for my chemotherapy are Gemcitabine, 5-fluorouracil, Oxaliplatin, and folinic Acid. I had my second chemotherapy on November 10th, 2008. Officially, I am now on the Nadir Point of my second Chemotherapy treatment. Nadir Point is the period during the 7th to 14th days after the chemotherapy where the body experience low blood counts. So, I guess, during this period, I am physically the weakest against infectious diseases.

During the first week, I did encountered some side effects such as ulcers on the tongue and sore throat. Luckily, the symptoms disappeared after a few days. However, since the previous few days, I had been troubled by other side effects such as dried palm, tingling sensation on my left arm, short of breath, and chest pain. I was advised to take more rest and drink more fluids to counter the side effects.

My back pains is now minimal, but the the abdominal pains is still irritatingly disturbing throughout the days. I do hope over the course of the next few chemotherapy sessions, the pains will go away.

I am still trying to cope with the loss of appetite. My taste bud has completely changed. I am resorting to taking small meals at regular and frequent interval, and USANA nutritional supplements to ensure my body is not stressed by malnutrition. I was told the loss of appetite is a temporary side effect and I will gain back my appetite after I completed all the chemotherapy session.

Overall, after the 2nd chemotherapy treatment, I do felt very weak physically and easily fatigued. I pray the Almighty will restore my strength and health soon. It is rather frustrating not able to control the pace of my daily activities.

By the way, I am in the process of compiling and publishing a book documenting my life and experiences dealing with cancer. I hope to complete the book before Christmas. I am self financing the publication of this book. For a start, 1000 copies will be printed. After deducting the costs of production, a portion of the “profit” will be donated to Pure Life Society's orphanage. If you are interested to purchase this book, please send me a email at

Now, back to reality. I know, cancer is a dreaded disease. But with modern medicine and God on my side, those mutant cancer cells had found a new enemy. The name of their enemy is Uncle Dalai Baru ! With heightened zest for life, and faith in spirituality, I am now more determined than ever to kick their butts and flush them out through my real orifice.

C'est La Via, this is my Life. Life is all that matter. I will celebrate life, live graciously, and live one day at a time. Like it or not, I will claim my victory against those nasty cancer cells, and have my last laugh........


KS Cheah said...

Put me down for a few copies bro. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle

1 copy for me too!


yenshan said...

I will order a few copies from you too Uncle.

Kit Ying said...

Keep a few copies for me. I believe you will be a strong testimony to the reality of Christ in your life.
Keep up the high spirits and fight the good fight. God will be your rock and your strength.
We will always be there for you.

Anonymous said...


Reserve 5 copies for me.

You can do it.


The Peaceful Man said...

hi CK, I would like to have 2 copies please. Tks. Seong Fook