Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Those memories of yesteryears,
Careless, carefree, and thoughtless nostalgic days.
Reveling in joyous moments inspite of scarcity
With abundance energies of innocent childhood and youth,
where harsh words and bitter experience became my gained wisdom,
where impossibilities is my source of inspirations,
living a life full of aspirations and motivations,
to be what I aspired to be…..

The sands of time dripping away,
I endured and toiled along this extra ordinary journey.
Experiencing the bittersweet memories of wanting to be,
Suddenly, I realized,
I am already not what I used to be.
Can I still be what I aspired to be ?

What do I really want to be ?
The unkindness of life,
brought me pain and untold miseries of withered passions,
but also brought me joy and goodness of letting it be.
There may or may not be a one that caused to be,
O Almighty, had you forsaken me ?
Between wanting to be and letting it be,
Would I be able to dictate my own destiny,
And make life’s pursuit a pleasurable journey ?

Is this oceans of space,
A Nirvana or despaired solitude in a weary journey ?
Life is, but what I made it to be ?

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