Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There are cat & kittens in my garden...

My garden has been a fertile ground for all those irresponsible pet lovers' pets. On few occasions, I even have rabbits giving births to small babies in my garden. This morning, while inspecting my backyard, I noticed a cat with three little kittens in the small garden at the back of my house. With my digital camera, I took a photograph of the cat. I tried to approach closer to take pictures of the kittens, but the mother instinct of the cat was domineering, she was defensively aggressive and let out menacing noises to discourage me from going nearer to her kittens.

Worrying about the well being of the cats and kittens, I let them be, and instruct my domestic helper to prepare foods for the cat until such time they are ready to leave.

Sometimes, I do wonder whether all these so called pet lovers are a bunch of irresponsible idiots. They want to own pets, but yet are irresponsible to care for them sufficiently. As a result, the neighborhood are infested with lots of stray cats roaming around the back alley of the residential houses. Cats are becoming a nuisances in my residential area. Their owners don't feed and care for them properly, resulting in all these poor cats roaming around scavenging for foods and littering the areas with their smelly habits. But at the same time, the local town council are so preoccupied with harassing dog owners with all sorts of stupid requirements even though the neighborhood do not have problems with dogs. I do hope the local town council do something positive to educate all those cat owners to be a bit more responsible to tend to their cats rather than barking at the wrong tree to harass the dog owners simply because some idiots have prejudices against dogs. The local town council must come out with stronger law on cat ownership!

I have enough of cats scratching the paintwork of my cars, dropping smelly deposits onto my garden, tearing up garbage bags to scavenge for foods, stalk the birds and squirrels in my garden, etc. Don't get me wrong, I am not a cat hater, but I do have problem trying to comprehend the idiotic mentalities of all those cat owners who seemed to think that it is their God damned birth rights to be insensitive to non cat owners. Sometimes, I do wonder about the mentalities of all those irresponsible cat owners. In their eagerness to discard their cats in the neighborhood, they should at least have some basic decency and culture to care for their cats and not to allow them to become nuisance in their neighborhood.

May all cats go to heaven..........

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