Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The 3DCRT session begins....

I attended my “CT Planning” for 3DCRT on Friday, done my first session of radiiation therapy on Monday, and today is my 2nd session of Radiation Therapy. And, there 29 more sessions to go spreading over the next One and a half month !!

The doctor has also prescribed daily intake of 3000mg of Xeloda ( capecitabine) and 15 tablets of Vitamin B6 to go together with the 3DCRT. In additions, there are also some medications to counter side effects.

I was a bit apprehensive about the whole 3DCRT treatment in the beginning, because I do not know what to expect. But Monday session was not so bad, no pain and no discomfort. All I have to do is to make sure I minimized body movement on the table, and let the machine revolves around my body to aim at the preconfigured area. The session lasted slightly less than 15 minutes and I was allow to go home with no discomforts. However, I do felt very tired throughout the day. Compared with the Chemotherapy I had previously, 3DCRT is so much more “comfortable”

Today's 3DCRT is the same compared to yesterday's session. It lasted less than 15 minutes. However, After I got home, In addition to the feeling of tiredness, I felt dizzy ( probably due to the haze), and I also vomited twice.

I do not know whether the vomiting is caused by the side effect of Xeloda or 3DCRT, I will check with the doctor tomorrow when I go for my 3rd session of 3DCRT. I don't feel good at all today with all these vomity feelings. But my main concern for the time being is to resolve my weight lost and constipations issues.

Well, 2 sessions down, and 29 more sessions to go..... I do hope, this new treatment protocol of 3DCRT in combination with Xeloda oral chemo can produce the desired results for the recovery of my health.

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