Friday, June 19, 2009

I completed the first week of 3DCRT session …

I completed one week of 3DCRT today, the next session begins on next Monday. So, I have at least another 5 weeks of 3DCRT to go.

Come to think of it, 3DCRT is not that awful compared to intravenous drip of chemotherapy where you physically have to endure 2 to 3 hours of slow “dripping” process of chemo drugs into your body. The only inconvenience is, I have to go to the hospital everyday to receive my radiation treatment. In addition, 3DCRT also comes with some side effects. My first week encounter is, after the radiation session, I felt nauseated and vomited a few times. I hope the effects will tapper off from the second weeks onwards.

As advised by the Oncologist, I was prescribed with Xeloda ( Capecitabine ) to go with the radiation therapy. However, due to my taller than average height, my body body surface is bigger, so I was prescribed with a dosage 3 times higher than normal patient. Naturally, the medication costs 3 times more expensive. So, tall people may look more handsome and appealing, but when come to medical care, you are at a disadvantage in terms of treatment costs !!!!!

With Xeloda, I have to take 1500mg per 12 hours basis. The medication comes with its whole list of documented side effects. The most common side effects associated with the consumption of Xeloda are Sore palm, sore foot, ulcer in the mouth, diarrhea, etc. In anticipation of these side effects, the Oncologist also prescribed a another arsenal of medications to be taken daily to counter the side effects. Hmmm.... sometimes, modern medicines can be a real pain. But whatever it is, I hope, as I progress during the treatment period, I would not be over preoccupy with these side effects.

A young lady from Hospice Malaysia visited me yesterday and today to provide me with counseling on pains management and symptom management. One thing surprised me is, the young lady is so well versed with her area of expertise and serve with so much enthusiasm and empathy as compared to our over glorified private hospital. Hospis Malaysia provide me with free medication for symptom and pains such as liquid morphine. They also provide me with Sheepskin to make me comfortable when I lie on hard surface. All these items are provided free of charge. Well, in the midst of commercialism and profit orientation of medical care, at least there are still some NGO's out there who care for the well being of average Malaysians. Mind you, these people really serve with big smile, enthusiasm, dedication, and empathy !

For the next 5 weeks of so, I will have to go through pretty much the same treatment routine. I don't really look forward to, but, I will get around, and hopefully complete the whole treatment protocol with positive results......

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Shiok Guy said...

Dear CK,

You get well soon and please concentrate on your 3DCRT threatment. Don't worry about the Autism Center, we are doing it slowly but surely.

Now the center has closed down, and I have moved some of the donated material to my house (No room to stored, just at the front pouch area and cover with plastic sheet) I have collected some donation, but if the new center cannot be materialised by end july, I will return all donation to the donor. Or give it to Bernard for other cause related to children in the future)

My sons now has no place to go after school from mon to fri. I am staying home to take care and teaching them whenever I can. I also need to carry makan.

All this is nothing compare to your challenge ahead. So CK.. Get well soon!

Yong aka Shiok Guy