Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The “I DON'T KNOW” hospital.

Since I came back from Aenon Health Farm, my physical condition has deteriorated. Perhaps, the drastic change in diet has caused my body to react negatively – my lack of appetite for foods got worst, my cancer marker shot up tremendously, the intensity of pain and discomforts ballooned to unbearable level, and worst of all, I am beginning to lose weight again ! Well, sticking to strict vegetarian diet sound very fashionable, but my body just couldn't take it, before I allowed myself to be incapacitated with malnutrition, I think it is best I revert back to my normal diet.

I was due for medical check up at Tung Shing yesterday, at my wife insistent, I went to the Pantai Medical Centre instead of Tung Shing. My wife's contention was that, the equipments and facilities at Tung Shing are outdated, and the hospital may not be in a position to provide the best treatment options. To cut the story short, I went to Pantai Medical Centre yesterday, my first impression was, everything was new there, the air conditioning system was eerie cold, and the hospital even have Starbuck Coffee outlet at the lobby.

The Good doctor suggested that I be admitted to run tests for re-assessment of my condition. The first day, the usual vital tests were conducted. On the morning of the second day, a CT scan was performed on me. The CT scan took less than 10 minutes, and at 9;30AM I was told to go back to the room to wait for my scan result.

I asked the reception counter how long it will take for the scan result to be out, but was told the standard reply of “ I don't Know” and “Please go back to your room and wait”. I waited until 12:30PM and I asked the ward nurse whether the scan and blood test result is out , and when I can expect to obtain the result, again, I was given the standard reply of “I don't know” and “Please go back to back to your room and wait”. So I went down to the Imaging Department to enquire, thinking that perhaps I can get an estimation of the time needed to obtain the result from the source. Again, the counter staff told me “ I don't know” and “ Go back to your room to wait”.

Patiently, I waited until almost 5:00PM, I went to Imaging Department again to enquire about the result, again, the standard reply of “I don't know” was given to me. Hmmm, I do wonder the competency of the personnel and Pantai Medical Centre. The hospital may have the best hardware, but the people who manned the hardware and provide support service seemed ill trained and are at a loss of providing competent healthcare services. The personnel even suggested that I stay back in the hospital one more day to wait for the Ct scan result. My God, the last time I did my CT scan at Sunway Medical Centre, it took only less than two hours to obtain the result, and at Tung Shine, it took less than 3 hours to obtain the scan result. But at Pantai Medical Centre, I did my CT scan at around 9:00AM in the morning, when I checked out at around 5:00PM, the scan result is still not out yet, and I DON'T KNOW whether they can get it out tomorrow. It look like I have to go back to the hospital again tomorrow to obtain the scan result.

I really don't feel comfortable at the way medical care and support services are being provided by Pantai Medical Centre, and I sincerely doubt the support personnel there are trained to provided adequate competence services. Well, their hardware look impressive and maybe the most up-to-date. But a simple CT scan result takes more than a day to be produce ? Am I in a under developed country in Africa ? I guess it would be wiser for me not to bet my life at Pantai Medical Centre. What I will do tomorrow is, I will go to the hospital to insist on my blood test and CT scan result, and go back to Tung Shine hospital to continue my treatment there. Well, Tung Shing may or may not have the best medical equipments, but, at least, their support personnel are more caring and knowledgeable in providing medical care and support services.

The doctor's assistant called me up in the evening to ask whether I will come back tomorrow for consultation, I was just too tired and replied “I DON”T KNOW”.......

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