Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life Ain't Rosy ?

My name is Saw Kow
have a house in TAIPING TOWN.
Finished my secondary education
in a school started by ANG MOH KOW.

Obtained a Grade One in MCE
But as a minority, LIFE is not ROSY
My Grade One is not good enough
compared to Grade Three of a BUMI.
So, no Form Six for me !

But I am very LUCKY
"You go Canada to STUDY"
That what my DADDY told me.
After three years of undergraduate STUDIES
I came back with a DEGREE and my HONEY

Life ahead is very ROSY ?
After one year working for some lousy MONEY
Daddy found out I already have a STEADY
Everyday he asked me to MARRY
Or else he won't talk to ME
No choice, but to propose to my HONEY

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY !
The Marriage ceremony depleted all MY MONEY.
To survive, everyday I eat CHAPFUN or CHAPATY.
For entertainment, everyday I watch TV or pirated VCD.
While other drive Mercedes, I drove a 3rd hand Datsun SUNNY
Married life ain't that ROSY
In less than 12 months I have a BABY
Suddenly I became a DADDY.

Yeh, Life Ain't ROSY !
After many years of working for lousy CRONIES
When I worked HARD, he said it is my DUTY
When I submit MC, he said I am LAZY
Paying me peanut
and yet expect me not to behave like MONKEY
When I am short of MONEY,
he asked me to "Chiak Kar Key"
I almost gone CRAZY.

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY !
Now, I have to support my HONEY
and I have to feed my BABY
Have to pay installments for my old Datsun Sunny
Every week have to buy Dutch Baby
Everyday my petrol tank is EMPTY
Go to work JALAN KAKI
ATM told me my account got no MONEY

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY
Seek HELP from government,
but they said I ain't BUMI.
Seek HELP from MCA,
but was told Life ain't CHARITY
and I am not their LIABILITY.
Sometimes, I really want to CARI MATI
But who is gonna feed my HONEY and BABY
Susah nak HIDUP, susah nak MATI.

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY !
Nevermind, every dog has his DAY.
Now, I made my own MONEY.
Life has become a bit ROSY.
Sipping my favorite Coffee in LUXURY,
Should I show SYMPATHY
to those who rejected ME ?

Yeh, Life ain't ROSY ?
Believe me, when you are in troubles,
the rest will conveniently
suffered from Avian's Flu.
They are all quite capable
of talking cock's languages to you !

Yeh, Life ain't Rosy ?
But who say Life is EASY ?
When the going gets tough,
the tough gets going.
Go hit the road
and make your OWN MONEY...........


Amy said...

dearest uncle,

A good one as I enjoyed it very much. I do agree that life ain't rosy.

When the going gets tough,
the tough gets going.
Go hit the road.

Love that phrase.

Take care uncle. Hope to see you soon :)

Christine said...

Hi Uncle

This is my fav poem! =)

Humorous. Hope you are doing well.