Saturday, May 10, 2008

Of keyboards and foods.....

I found this article interesting in Which?. It said, your harmless looking keyboard maybe 5 times filthier than a toilet seat !

Some keyboards carry more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. Researchers tested keyboards from a typical London office and found bacteria that could put their user at high risk of becoming ill. The germs found could cause food poisoning symptoms such as diarrhea and other stomach upsets.....” Read Which? Computing for further report.

Hmmmm.... from now on, I will defend the honours of my keyboard and mouse with all my might. And, for Buddha's sake, please wash your dirty hand before you touch my keyboard and mouse. I swear I will chopped off your fingers and make you cry for mercy if there is any trace of funny fragrant lingering around my keyboard.

From keyboard to food, I swear I will never eat Roti Canai again. Those mamak-sans loved to flip Roti Canai with their bare hands, but I do wonder whether they clean their hands after they concluded their occasional business in the toilet. It does remind me of an incident many years ago in a coffee shop in Puchong where I “accidentally” saw a hawker scratching his backside in the middle of preparing the foods. That idiot actually has the audacity to smell his fingers after the scratching. I guess he probably like the smell of his rear orifice. It really pissed me off ! For his little gesture, I developed a phobia for eating in coffee shops and restaurants ever since......... Blardy mother farker !

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