Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Que Sera Sera...

Another few more months, if things work out according to plan, I will be retiring at end of the year. Something I look forward to, to retire young, and to do the things I always wanted to. It would be nice for a start to compare with friends how big a fish I caught on fishing trips rather then how much sales I generated in the corporate tug-of-wars.

I belonged to the “after merdeka” generation of the 60's, and miraculously survived the 70's, 80's, 90's, and now the 2000's. As a young man, I traveled far and wide. Had my happy days, sow my wild seeds, and married young. My son will be graduating soon from the college. Looking back, not a bad life indeed. They said, life wisdom is a collection of experiences. Taking it positively, I earned my dues as a wise middle-age man. Looking at it on the not so positive side, we are also a generation of morons. We did believe in equality and fairness for all Malaysians, but we learned that, equality and fairness come with heavy sacrifices. We worked hard to improve our standard of livings and accumulation of wealths, but we also realized there are so many self proclaimed under privileged people out there demanding their rights to entitled the fruits of our labours.

I am from the generation that work hard for our next generation. But this new generation is way out of touch with mine. The “young people” seemed to think that it is okay to be seen to be weird with punky coloured hairs and earings. They wear expensive designer clothes, expensive shoes, and high-tech hand phone (they called it PDA), while I bargained for a cheaper Pagoda t-shirt, and trying to prolong the battery life of my old bulky Nokia phone to save a few dollars more. While I sweat it out conquering new sales territories, they built their empires on the fantasy cyber space of internet with their avatars and virtual friends. My generation seemed to think that money can't buy happiness, but nevertheless, we approach life with down to earth practicality by working hard to establish financial comforts, but this new weird generation of bolihism seemed to think that money can at least rent financial recognition, and credit cards are gateway to temporary financial glories to impress others.

My generation believed in fairness. We worked hard to get “rich”. But this new spoon fed generation are basically a bunch of indecent idealists with the notion that because there are rich people and poor people, it isn't fair to have such income disparity. Hello, are we a democratic country or are we a communist country ? Is it a sin to be rich ? It is okay to envy the rich, but please don't lust for their wealth. If you want to live a wealthy life style, please work hard to become rich and buy your own bungalows and BMWs.

The world don't owed my generation a living. Do you honestly believed the world now owed your generation a living ? Come on, go fark off and start hitting the road to earn your dues.

At the end of the day, que sera sera. The hardworking will continued to enjoy wealthy life style, while the lazy parasites will forever live in shit holes ranting their incoherent languages. This is the law of karma. It has been that way in the past, and it always will in the future.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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Quackster said...

I think your post analyzed a thought that seems to prevail in this society today. Young people expect and demand what the older generation worked hard for. They should pay their dues and not be so rude. They are brats indeed. Good post.