Thursday, May 01, 2008

And God becomes us.....

Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing sad stories of so many people suffered from cancer and other terminal illnesses. Why do good people suffered from these dreaded diseases ? I do wonder. If there is actually a creator we commonly acknowledged as God, and if this almighty fella is such a loving and forgiving entity, why then does he or she allowed human to suffer ? Are we supposed to surrender ourselves completely and unconditionally to this perverted creator and endure illnesses as our fate, and a test of our faith in him ?

I remembered the sufferings of my late mother. She was a very religious and kind person. But it doesn't matter whether a person is religious or otherwise, cancer does not discriminate. She suffered from cancer. She was exhausted by the treatments and the pains she endured. At the end, she was defeated by cancer. When she needed God most, God was nowhere to be seen. “God works in mysterious ways.” ? Come on, Give me a break ! I said, go fark off with all those holy craps. Why should I believe in a God that glorifies sufferings ? Honestly, I would rather believe in the law of karma, Satan, angels, and all the natuk kongs.

Whatever it is, the past one week has been a very difficult week emotionally. Somehow, I had a funny feeling that God ( if there is one ) does not comes into this world with love, he came with a sword that brought wars and sufferings. And, the believers are created here to suffer and endure pains in his name. This mighty fella must be a sadist enjoying in the dark corner watching helpless humans suffering from illnesses and aging. If this is his ball game, then why are we still being so naive and illogical to believe there is a God and worship him blindly ?

Do I blame God for all these dreaded diseases such as cancer and aging ? No, I am not looking for someone greater than myself to blame. Why should I blame a non existence entity ? As a Buddhist, I do not believe in the existence of God. God is merely a one letter short of four letters word we invented in our deluded mind to seek hope for elusive miracles.

If a government is incapable to mange a country and the people welfare, the natural tendency is to vote the government out during the general elections. If the “God” we are asked to believe in, is incapable to manifest and salvage us during our times of difficulties and sufferings, then why are we still believing in its existence ? Perhaps, insanity rules our heads, we created God, in his name, we institutionalized our stupidities into religion, ritualized our incomprehensible words into written word of God, and documenting illogical thoughts into prayers.

The more we are educated, the less we learned. We are, after all, a bunch of unconsciously incompetent and inferiority complex animals trying to immortalize our masochism by fantasizing the existence of something greater than ourselves to seek hope of avoiding the finality of life.

Like it or not, we must get out from our mental cocoons to seek cures ourselves, rather than wasting our times shouting noisy prayers for the elusive probability of spiritual enlightenments. By the way, noisy prayers do contribute to noise pollutions. We live in the real world on earth. The reality is, there is no temple bigger than our hearts, and there may or may not be a God out there. But for the time being, to live happily and meaningfully, we need to logically acknowledge that, God is only an illusion in our deluded minds. We are all gardeners of this earth. We reaped what we sowed. What goes around, comes around. As long as we are unable to grasp this reality, there shall be no happiness, love, health, wealth, and peace on earth.

As much as I want to be a spiritual person, I also happened to believe in truths and reasons. Our hope for cures and treatments of dreaded diseases and aging lie in our efforts in modern medical research, not through blind faiths and prayers to a “God”. Our faiths are in our own hands. We are master of our own destiny, not the elusive “God”. Others can justify and believe in whatever Gods they want, but should have the basic decency to refrain from imposing and mislead others with their beliefs.

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.....

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Harold said...

I don't believe we can put blame on God for bad things nor give Him credit for all good things.
He gave us brains to think with and set the world with Nature in motion and Nature with its natural events causes and changes things, cyclones etc included. I thank God for each new day and for health just the same.