Saturday, May 17, 2008

The sad plights of some Malaysians......

“An aspiring doctor had her dreams dashed when the Public Services Department (PSD) rejected her application to study medicine overseas. K. Kamine Devi, who scored 10 A1s in last year's SPM, said she had her heart set on becoming a doctor that she even participated in an attachment programme which exposed her to a doctor's job in April.....” Read further HERE.

How could this happened ? The possible reasons could be, either we have too many top scorers in the recent public examinations, or the government can no longer afford to offer scholarship to bright students. I sincerely doubt our present education system is capable of producing too many top students capable of scoring more than 10 A1's. I remembered, many years ago, a professor in a Canadian university, after observing so many sponsored students from Malaysia failed in his class, out of desperations, he remarked “are you people the best talents from your country ? “ Honestly, I don't know what prides these privileged underachievers have, but I do felt ashame to be associated with them. Because of their selfish needs, they brought shames to the country.

I do wonder, on yearly basis, how many scholarships has been given out ? I do hope the Public Services Department can publish a list of students who are given scholarships together with their academic results.

The news article reminded me about a real incident. About a month ago, I was told, a local public listed company conducted a scholarship awards interviewing on short listed candidates in Kuala Lumpur. A number of candidates came for the interviews on chauffeured driven expensive cars. The funny thing is, why would these rich kids from well to do family competing with the poor to deny them the opportunity for better education ? If they can afford expensive vehicles costing hundreds of thousands of Ringgits, can't these rich families afford education for their own children ? Why are they still immorally living like parasites of the society ? For how long can the society sustain this insensitive indecency of these people who are financially well to do, but perpetually mentally under-privileged ?

I do hope those scholarship holders with lower grades of academic results can have the basic decency to return their scholarships, so that deserving students from poor families are not indecently denied the opportunities for better education.

There are always righteous but misguided Malaysians going around the world championing the rights of others ( which is none of our business anyway) in other countries, and some felt they also have the moral authority to shout noisy farting languages towards other fellow Malaysians about their rights and privileges. How about for a start, they empathize with the plights of others in Malaysia, instead of parasitically perpetuating the satisfaction of their unpatriotic and selfish needs ? I do hope these morons can have some right perspective of justice, fair play, and a culture of decency.

I do sincerely hope those who can afford to pay for their children's tertiary education, and those who are academically not qualified to receive scholarships can do the right things by returning the scholarships, so that other truly deserving and poor students are not deny the opportunities to better education. Let face it, a Mat Rempit will never become a Formula One driver. Likewise, an academically incapable student will never become academically inclined. Every Ringgit spend on a worthless and undeserving student, is a Ringgit lost. So, let us not waste our scare resources on them.

Let's us all have fair eyes for humanity. It is a great sin to commit deliberate degradation of human dignity and unfair treatments based on race, religion, creed, or whatsoever. Be fair, play fair, and let's not make life any more difficult for the poor and deserving students. Let us help them to realize their dreams by not denying them the opportunity for better education.

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