Saturday, May 31, 2008

To know Malaysia is to Love Malaysia ?

Three African students were hurt and one seriously injured after they were attacked by 30 local men in the compound of a Lagenda College hostel in Mantin on May 28 2008. In the incident, several cars and a guard post in the hostel were damaged. It was speculated that, the attack arose because the local men are not happy with the African students for dating the local women.

After the unprovoked attack from the local men, the African students armed with baseball bats and metal rods gathered at the hostel to express their angers over the senseless beating of their friends. Outside the hostel's compound, a group of local men also gathered with baseball bats and metal rods. The situation was tense, but luckily, the college authority managed to calm the situation.


I viewed this attack as an act of racism. As a practical man, I accept the fact that racism exist everywhere, and all over the world. In Malaysia, the civilized people practice tolerance, respect, and appreciation of other people ethnicity, religion, and culture. But sadly, there are also some uncivilized idiots who are incapable to respect the rights of others. Manifestation of violences seemed to be their only protective mechanism to impose their ignorances on others.

One word of advise to the foreigners. Forget about those smiling faces depicted and marketed by the tourism promotion board, those smiles can be very deceiving. When you are in Malaysia, please refrained from dating the local women. Because there may be an army of inferiority complex men out there, thinking that you are being insensitive to their little or lack of manhoods, by dating their local women.

Well, what can I said ? It seemed to me that, these attackers are not only uncultured, but also uncivilized. No insensitivity intended, but somehow, I do suspect maybe the descendants of wild animals from the nearby jungles are involved in the senseless attacks. Blardy farking uncultured racists ! Blardy shameless morons. My apology for spewing profanities, but these barbaric racists' actions did indeed made me very angry. These idiots are nothing but a bunch of sexually deprived and neutered two legged stray dogs.

Bravo... Malaysia, Truly Asia !!

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