Wednesday, January 16, 2008

C'est La Vie ?

I woke up in the morning with an awful sensation of uneasiness and emotional discomfort. No, I didn't got up from the wrong side of the bed. Today is still a working day and the show must go on. So no choice, must get dress to go to the office to command the ship. Otherwise, those pirates in my office may command my ship into never land in my absence. On my way to office, I decided to detour to a nearby kopitiam to have wantan mee for breakfast. But luck was not with me this morning, after circling the area a few rounds, I was unable to find any proper place to park my car. On the other hand, I was also quite annoyed with all those inconsiderate people haphazardly double parked their cars in the area, making the road very congested and stressful to maneuver my vehicle. Well, never mind, maybe today is a good day to start dieting by skipping breakfast. I am overweight anyway ! So, I maneuver out from the congested area to the main road to drive straight to office.

At the office, the feeling of uneasiness and emotional discomforts still lingering around me. Something is just not right today. Everytime I had this feeling, something negative bounds to happen during the day.

At the same time, office is full of service calls, project deliverables, account receivables, and maintenance schedule to attend to. The level of negative pressures within the office today is overwhelming. Whatever it is, it is a good problem, attending to problems is, and will always be a key component of the business. All I need to do is to re prioritize the matters that need to be attended, and attend to it one at a time. I know, by completion of business today, today's problems will be resolved like what it used to be. It always will. I know, I am always an optimist come what may.

But today, is still a bit unusual. I am still having those funny feelings of somethings unwelcome is going to unfold today. But how do you deal with this extra perceptional sensation ? Like what I used to do, ignore it, and preoccupied myself with today tasks in the office. I resigned myself to the realization that, I should not indulge in whatever that is beyond my control. Whatever will be, will be.

Towards later part of the afternoon, a call came in. Sad to say, it is not a good news. I was informed that a person that I am acquainted with has passed away in the morning due to complication of sudden heart attacks. Sad, another good man has been recalled to the paradise of the Almighty. My good friend, may you rest in peace.

Life is such, full of hope but shrouded in unpredictability and vulnerability. I do wonder, if there is a God, that almighty fella is probably not doing his job in good faith. Honestly, I do felt very sad today.

We start every new year with full of optimism and resolutions. Everyday we work like programed robots. We work like as seemed we do not need to be paid, and we play like as seemed nobody is watching, all in the name of acquiring financial comforts for ourselves and our loved one. We acquired wealth, but work at even more relentless pace to defend the acquired wealths and to accumulate more wealths. But when the almighty decided to squeeze the last breaths out from us, the biggest properties we are going to have is probably a plot of land measuring 5 feet by 8 feet, and nothing else !

Life is, has always been, not what it meant to be ! That's life. Do enjoy yourself today. May you all have a good night sleep, may tomorrow be better for all of us. Good NiteZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Om Namo Amithaba Buddha.

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