Saturday, January 26, 2008

Makan makan

I love youtiao (油條). In Malaysia, the Cantonese called the youtiao, Yaw-Char-gwai (油炸鬼 - translated : "deep fried ghost"). The Hokkien has a more politically correct name of "You-Char-Kuei" (油炸檜 - "Deep Fried Kuei"). For more information on this simple but popular and famous Chinese food, please HERE and HERE.

How does youtiao got the name of You-Char Kuei ? According to grand grand father story dating back many thousand years ago, an Imperial Palace Official ( similiar to the present day Cabinet Ministers ) by the name Qin Kuai (秦檜, Cantonese: Chun Kui) and his wife collaborated with the enemies to plot and frame a patriotic general Yue Fei (岳飛). As a mark of protest and cursing of Qin Kuei and his wife for their tracherous acts, peope in the Song Dynasty made two joining human-shaped doughs, symbolically represents Qin Kuai and his wife. The doughs are deep fried and eaten as an expression of hatred towards the tracherous couple.

Hmmm... we have been eating You-Char-Kuei for thousands of years ? It goes to show that the Chinese are unforgiving lot. So, a word of advice, don't ever double crossed a Chinese, you may end up being cursed and your ill deeds remembered for centuries to come.

Coming back to present day Malaysia, maybe unknowingly we also have some local dishes to remember the misdeeds of some Malaysians in Malaysia. No offense intended, but I am not very sure whether some of these dishes have any connotations. First thing that come to my mind are : (1) Chow Lah Lah - clams stir fried in spicy ingradients. I know there is a Pak Lah in Malaysia. (2) Sam Har Mee - A bowl of noodle and prawns in Boiling soup. I know we also have a Samy in Malaysia. (3) Kong Poh Kah Ting - Spicy Diced chicken cooked in sizzling hot clay pot. What a coincident that we also have a Ka Ting in Malaysia.

You know what, I love all these three dishes. And these dishes go very well with LINGAM chilly sauce.

For the time being, if you are in Penang, I think it is a political taboo to order "Sei Tai Ting Wong" ( Four type of legumes stir fried in hot wok). Uncle Lim Keng Yaik may not take it likely, because he may miscontrued it as an intention of disrespect to his Four Heavenly Kings in his Gerakan party. Come to think of it, Gerakan is the only political party in Malaysia that has a class of its own. They nicknamed their four senior party members as Heavenly Kings ! I wonder whether the DAP's rockets are going to be loaded with explosives when they land in Penang Island.

Oh yah, before I forget, Malaysians also have great respect for all the Kwai Loh ( generally speaking, the British whites ). As a mark of respect and due recognition to these Kwai Loh, we named two of our favorite fruits after them - Ang Mor Tan ( Nephelium lappaceum, also known as Rambutan ) and Ang Mor Durian ( Annona muricata, also known as Soursop). Wait, wait, wait... If I am not mistaken, we even named a monkey after them. It is called Ang Mor Kow ( Red Hairy Monkey). By the way, Malaysia used to be a colony of "Great" Britain. Some of us are still so fascinated with the hedonistic lifestyle of our former colonial master that, we feel so shiok to be acknowledged as Tuan ( Master ). For the last couple of years, it never failed to amaze me that there are so many unconciously incompetent people shouting "Ketuanan" this and "Ketuanan" that. What a bunch of infriority complex farting noisily seeking to be acknowledged as tuan-tuan, puan-puan, and pondan ! God saves the Queen !

I shake my head....... I guess it is about time now I go to the Sangha for refuge. Om Namo Amithaba Buddha......

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