Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prayer of the day....

Oh mighty God!!
the all knowing, and the all merciful
and the all God knows what.....

On my bended knee,
I humbly present myself to you.
In my times of troubled mind,
I seek you for for answer.....

In your mighty wisdom
you created a two legged creature called "WOMAN"
She looks like a human being,
But her look can be so deceiving !

She looks so affirmative, yet she expects NO for an answer
She looks so weak, yet she is so strong
She looks so frail, yet she is so powerful
She looks so simple, yet her mind is so complex
She looks so illogical, yet she always win in an argument
She looks so formal, yet she is so desirable
She looks so mature, yet she is so sexy
She looks so authoritative, yet she is so adorable.
She can be everything which she is not....

Oh Almighty God, I am so confused !
Tell me what to do.

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