Thursday, January 10, 2008

The world's cheapest car.

India's Tata Motors unveiled Tata Nano, the world cheapest car on January 10, 2007 at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, India. The price tag is 100,000 rupees ( approximately RM 8,000). Nano is a four doors subcompact. It can squeeze in five people. The car meets international safety and emission standards, pollute less than a motorcycles, and command fuel efficiency of 20 kilometers per litre. For more information, READ HERE.

The Indians are si pek hor lio ! Well, what can I say, the Indian engineers are probably the best in the world. I guess, it would be economically more efficient to import cars from India than wasting resources to salvage our dented pride in Proton. Maybe we can send our retrenched auto engineers from Proton to India to retrain them how to make roti canai, chapati, morukoo, etc.

Maybe we should aspire to become the best roti canai and morukoo makers in the world.

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